Eng Hwa Yap

University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor Eng Hwa Yap is the Course Director for Bachelor of Technology and Innovation (BTi). The BTi focuses on providing a direct response to industry demand for graduates working at the intersection of technology, creativity and innovation. His research is focused on transdisciplinary approaches to address complex problems surrounding environmental sustainability and future energy systems. In his work, Eng Hwa uses methods centering on systems thinking to investigate contemporary issues in emerging technologies and their interaction with society, environment, economics, and policy. Eng Hwa completed his PhD at University College London, UK and joined the University of Nottingham Malaysia in 2008, where he started his academic career. Eng Hwa spent two academic years teaching at the UCL School of Energy and Resources, Australia from 2014 – 2016.

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This book discusses energy efficient buildings and the role they play in our efforts to address climate change, energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by considering buildings and the construction sector's unique position along a critical path to decarbonisation from a multi-perspective and holistic viewpoint. Topics covered in the book range from daylighting, building topology comparison, building envelope design, zero energy homes in hot arid regions, life-cycle considerations and energy efficiency analysis to managing energy demand through equipment selection. Each chapter addresses an important aspect of energy efficient building and serves as a vital building block towards constructing a timely and relevant body of knowledge in energy efficient buildings.

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