Joe Magner

University of MinnesotaUnited States of America

Joe Magner is a licensed professional hydrologist (WI), a licensed professional soil scientist (MN) and an American Institute of Hydrology registered professional hydrogeologist. He received degrees from the University of Wisconsin-River Falls and the University of Minnesota and has served as an environmental scientist and educator in varying roles for over 37 years; primarily with the MN Pollution Control Agency but also advising federal and local governments, including officials in China, India, Azerbaijan and South Africa. Additionally, Dr. Magner has also advised David Letterman, private sector consultants, NGOs. He uses varying tools to assess, communicate and restore ecosystem services, ecohydrologic and hydrogeologic function. Dr. Magner is a research professor in the Department of Bioproducts & and Biosystems Engineering at the University of Minnesota. He teaches classes and advises students in agroforestry, water quality, hydrology, ecological engineering and watershed management. Joe has over 80 publications and is a co-author of the 4th edition of Hydrology and the Management of Watersheds published by Wiley-Blackwell (2012).

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