Stefan G. Stanciu

Polytechnic University of BucharestRomania

Stefan G. Stanciu, D.Eng., is currently acting as a principal scientific researcher within the Center for Microscopy, Microanalysis and Information Processing of University “Politehnica” of Bucharest, where he leads the Information Processing Group. His research interests lie in the area of signal and image processing, and computer vision with special emphasis on applications targeted to microscopy imaging by scanning light and scanning probe techniques. Some of the high priority topics in his research agenda are the development of novel image processing, image fusion and computer vision techniques targeted to increase the level of information extracted from microscopy images and to enhance the visualization of microscopy data, the development of novel image quality metrics, image analysis, image understanding and artificial intelligence. His research interests are also connected to optoelectronics, optics and photonics.

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This book presents several recent advances that are related or fall under the umbrella of 'digital image processing', with the purpose of providing an insight into the possibilities offered by digital image processing algorithms in various fields. The presented mathematical algorithms are accompanied by graphical representations and illustrative examples for an enhanced readability. The chapters are written in a manner that allows even a reader with basic experience and knowledge in the digital image processing field to properly understand the presented algorithms. Concurrently, the structure of the information in this book is such that fellow scientists will be able to use it to push the development of the presented subjects even further.

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