Wei-Keng Lin

National Tsing Hua UniversityTaiwan

Wei-Keng Lin (BS, Chemistry, NTHU, Taiwan, 1976; MS, 1984, and Ph.D., 1986, Chemical and Nuclear Engineering, University of Maryland) is currently professor and vice chairman in the Department of Engineering and System Science at NTHU. His research interests include two-phase flow and heat transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics. He has been focus on the Electronics System Cooling (ECS) for more than 25 years. He established the Advance Cooling Laboratory in ESS Department in 1993. The Wind Tunnel 、T.I.M. K Value Measurement Instrument & T.R.I. (Thermal Resistance Measurement Instrument) developed by Lin had been widely use in the Cooler manufacturer in Taiwan. In 2007, he is successful in developing the first vacuum pressure measurement instrument for the forming heat pipe in the world. Recently, he is focus on the development of the Junction Temperature measurement instrument for the LED device. He is also trying to apply the concept of the micro capillary Pumped Loop (MCPL) to the LED industry. In 2013, professor Lin starting to establish the solar thermal energy storage with concept of the CPL.

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