Vipul Bansal

RMIT Vietnam Vietnam

Dr Vipul Bansal is an APD Fellow of the Australian Research Council and a Senior Lecturer at School of Applied Sciences, RMIT University, Australia. Dr Bansal obtained his Doctoral degree in the field of Nano-biotechnology from National Chemical Laboratory India (2007), followed by a Postdoctoral position at The University of Melbourne (2007), before taking up a Tenure Track position at RMIT University, Melbourne (2008). During last five years, Vipul has published 50 high impact articles including two US Patents in the area of Nano-biotechnology, which have received close to 450 citations and world-wide media recognition. Dr Bansal is recipient of several research grants, awards and honors including RMIT Emerging Researcher Award, and is on the board of national and international scientific committees. Under the banner of Advanced Functional Nanomaterials Group at RMIT University, Dr Bansal enjoys supervising a large team of 11 PhD students in different areas of Nano-biotechnology that include tailored synthesis of multifunctional nanomaterials for a wide range of applications including advanced drug- and vaccine-delivery nanocarrier systems, biocatalysis, biosensing, bioimaging, and antimicrobial application of nanomaterials. Another major focus of Dr Bansal’s research is utilization of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi for biomimetic synthesis of nanomaterials.

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