Kuppuswamy Ramaswamy

R. Kuppuswamy, M.Sc. (Physics), Ph.D. (Physics)is currently working as an Associate Professor in Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Malaysia since December 2001. His area of interest is Physical Forensic Science Before joining USM, Dr. Kuppuswamy had worked for more than twenty five years (1973-2001) in Forensic Sciences Department, Chennai, India. His regular work included analysis of various kinds of physical evidence: foot prints, tool marks, fracture matching, paint, glass, serial number restoration, and counterfeit currency identification. He possesses rich experience in examination of evidence materials by atomic emission spectroscopy and scanning electron microscopy. He also taught, for about sixteen years, in the Master’s Degree Programme in Forensic Science offered by University of Madras, India. Dr. Kuppuswamy has published 25 scientific articles mostly in international journals in the field of criminalisitcs. Currently he is working on serial number restoration techniques and characterization of glass fractures induced by bullet impacts.

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