Robina Farooq

COMSATS University Islamabad

Dr. Robina Farooq has been involved in teaching, research, management, and academic work in numerous distinguished universities of Britain, China, and Pakistan for the last 28 years. Currently, she is working at COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. She has discovered innovative and low-cost processes for the treatment of wastewater. She is the author of scientific manuscripts, books, book chapters, and granted patents by USPTO, USA. She is the recipient of Best Innovator, Best University Teacher, and Productive Scientist Awards. She has worked on projects including ultrasonic decomposition of pollutants, phytoremediation of wastewater, bioelectrochemical synthesis of renewable fuel, bioelectrochemical decomposition of wastewater and energy recovery, recovery of heavy metals from effluents, microbial fuel cell technology for wastewater remediation, and retrieval of precious metals from printed circuit boards.

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Biological treatment of wastewater is a low-cost solution for remediation of wastewater. This book focuses on the bioremediation of wastewater, its management, monitoring, role of biofilms on wastewater treatment and energy recovery. It emphasizes on organic, inorganic and micropollutants entering into the environment after conventional wastewater treatment facilities of industrial, agricultural and domestic wastewaters. The occurrence of persistent pollutants poses deleterious effects on human and environmental health. Simple solution for recovery of energy as well as water during biological treatment of wastewater is a viable option. This book provides necessary knowledge and experimental studies on emerging bioremediation processes for reducing water, air and soil pollution.

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