Aldina Kesić

University of Tuzla Bosnia and Herzegovina

She was born July 15, 1979th year in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated 2002nd year at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Tuzla, with the title \Professor of biology and chemistry.\ Since 2003 she works as an assistant professor at the Faculty of Science at the scientific field General and inorganic chemistry. Master\'s thesis entitled \Identification and quantification of L-ascorbic acid and biogenic trace elements (Fe, Cu and Zn) in honey\ defended the 30.03.2007.godine. That same year she was appointed to the position of senior assistant at Faculty of Science, the scientific disciplines \General and Inorganic Chemistry.\ Doctoral thesis entitled \Effect of chemical composition of honey to its antioxidant activity,\ defended 04.04. 2011.. She has published 14 scientific papers. Ten of them are in journals indexed in SCI. She has participated in five national scientific research projects and an international project called \Netherlands and Western Balkans Environmental Network\ Newen \project\.

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