Ulises Acevedo Salas

Last year I obtained the PhD degree in Materials Science and Engineering from National University of Mexico (UNAM), in collaboration with University of Paris Diderot. During this period, I received advising from professors PhD Raúl Valenzuela and PhD Souad Ammar from their respective universities. I worked mainly on the preparation and characterization of high density nanostructured multiferroic composites; the use of polyol made precursors compacted by SPS and its effects on magnetoelectric coupling have been successfully investigated. This year I am beginning my first postdoctoral position at ENSICAEN-CRISMAT, Caen, France, under the advising of PhD Sylvie Hébert. My work will be focused now on the investigation of new thermoelectric materials. Up to date, I have published 9 regular articles in scientific journals (Elsevier, AIP, Springer) and 2 book chapters (InTechOpen). I have also performed some manuscript reviews for Elsevier, AIP, Springer and IEEE publishers. My publications have been cited more than 70 times in verified papers and I have an author h-index: 5.

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