Nandini Makwana

Nandini Makwana, B.Sc, M.Sc (Pune University, India) I am pursuing a PhD at the University of Western Australia, and my interest is in the effects of Cytomegalovirus on Natural Killer cells and adaptive immune response in renal transplant patients. I have expertise in tissue culture work, and have worked on Japanese Encephalitits, West Nile and Bagaza virus in National Institute of Virology, India, which is also a WHO collaborating centre for Arboviruses and Haemorrhagic fever reference and research. I have also done in-vitro screening of anti-HIV compounds and microbicides at the National AIDS Research Institute, India, and have gained expertise on setting up human cervical explant cultures. My area of interest is virology and immunology but I also hold a postgraduate certificate degree in clinical research and clinical data management.