Bela E. Toth

Bela Ernest Toth Dipl. Eng, MD, PhD started his education with School of Engineering, (Dipl. Eng), graduated as a Medical Doctor (MD), and completed PhD in Neuroscience. He worked as a lecturer for graduate and postgraduate education at Medical School and also at Faculties of Bioengineering and Healthcare Sciences. His scientific background is based on university appointments and academic collaborations (Semmelweis University Budapest, Neuroendocrine Research Group Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Rudolph Magnus Institute of Pharmacology, University of Utrecht; Dept. of Molecular and Cell Biology Penn State University, USA; University of Veterinary Sciences, Hungary). Dr. Toth’s research interest on circadian rhythms of PRL secretion started during the university years. He later continued to focus on biology of nutrition, development and regulation of immune cell response, and function of DA in neuroendocrine regulation. Lately, his interests are involving pre-clinical research. Dr. Toth continues his work as an expert in clinical trials for pharmaceutical drug development.