Abdulrahman Altahhan

Yarmouk Private University Syria

-Education: PhD* (AI-Machine Learning-Robotics) 2009 University of Sunderland, England, “Conjugate Gradient Temporal Difference Learning for Visual Robot Homing”. Research-based Master (AI) A+ ,2003 “Building a Medical Expert System using Fuzzy Logic”. Higher DIPLOMA Informatics) A,1999. B.S (Mathematics-Informatics) ,1998. MSc. Dip. and BS. from Damascus University, Syria. -Teaching Experience: Full-time Lecturer 2010 Jan-- Yarmouk Private University, Syria Visiting Lecturer 2004-2008 University of Sunderland, England. -Work Experience: Research Consultant, 11/2004–1/2006,ISS Group, University of Sunderland, England

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