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CLIDERM (Clinics in Dermatology)

Dr. Pierre Vereecken, MD, PhD, is a Doctor of Medicine graduate and is certified and specialized in dermatology (general, aesthetic, and corrective) and skin oncology. He studied medicine in Brussels, Belgium (1991, ULB), and obtained his PhD degree from the same university in 2008, with a research work on the topic of cutaneous malignant melanoma biology and progression. After working for the Belgian Army (Belgium, Germany) and the United Nations Protection Force (Central Bosnia), he was the head of the Department of Dermatology in academic hospitals (Brugmann University Public Hospital, Belgium, and Saint-Luc University U.C.L. Hospital, Belgium). He is convinced that knowledge has to be shared with not only colleagues, specialists, or GPs but also nurses for the best care of our patients. He also emphasizes the need for a better communication of medical information with patients. In 2010, he decided to dedicate his own practice to patients and research and to build an international dermatologic network, Cliderm. He also founded the European Institute for Dermatological Practice and Research, a multifaceted organization that aims to promote clinical dermatology and dermatological research in the European Union. He has published more than 100 scientific papers in international medical literature and also edited and authored chapters for more than 20 books.

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Highlights in Skincancer is a companion handbook published expressly for all the practitionners who are interested in skin cancers: medical oncologists and dermatologists but also residents, general practitionners, surgeons, plastic surgeons. The book is designed to teach new aspects of skincancers in the context of practical clinical settings. Each topic is an expert view of a specific skincancer field. Highlights in Skincancer provides information on a wide range of skincancer topics with emphasis on the emergence of new diagnostic approaches, therapeutic perspectives, and a better insight into the biology of the skin tumours. No doubt that the Highlights in Skincancer will be considered as a real tool throughout a medical career.

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