Hussain Al-Rizzo

University of Arkansas System

Hussain Al-Rizzo received his B.Sc. in Electronics and Communications (1979) (High Honors), Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics and Communications (1981) (High Honors) and M.Sc. in Microwave Communication Systems (1983) (High Honors) from the University of Mosul, Mosul, Iraq. From May 1983 to October 1987 he was working at the Electromagnetic Wave Propagation Department, Space and Astronomy Research Center, Scientific Research Council, Baghdad, Iraq. On December, 1987, he joined the Radiating Systems Research Laboratory, Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada where he obtained his Ph.D. (1992) in Computational Electromagnetics, Wireless Communications, and the Global Positioning System. For his various academic achievements he received the best doctoral graduate award in science and engineering by the University of New Brunswick. Since 2000, he joined the Systems Engineering Department, University Arkansas at Little Rock where he is currently a Professor of Telecommunication Systems Engineering. He has published over 250 peer-reviewed journal papers and presentations, book chapters, and two patents. His research areas include implantable antennas and wireless systems, smart antennas, 4G LTE-A, Massive MIMO, wireless sensor networks, WLAN/MIMO deployment and load balancing, electromagnetic wave scattering by complex objects, design, modeling and testing of high-power microwave applicators, precipitation effects on terrestrial and satellite frequency re-use communication systems, field operation of NAVSTAR GPS receivers, data processing, and accuracy assessment, effects of the ionosphere, troposphere and multipath on code and carrier-beat phase GPS observations and the development of novel hybrid Cartesian/cylindrical FDTD models for passive microwave components.

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