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Dr. Brahim Attaf works as an independent Expert/Researcher in the field of composite materials and structures. He obtained his Engineering degree from the Ecole Polytechnique of Algiers, Algeria, in 1985, and then his PhD degree from the University of Surrey, Guildford, UK, in 1990. He has previously worked as a Lecturer/Researcher (Maitre de Conferences) within the Departments of Aeronautics, Mechanics and Civil Engineering at the University of Blida in Algeria (1990–2000), and he was responsible for design office and quality assurance with composite firms in France (2000–2003). Since 2003 he has been independently involved in sustainability research actions leading to ecodesign of composite materials and structures through the integration of environmental and health aspects into product lifecycle. His main research and teaching interests focus on vibration and stability analyses of composite structures subjected to hygrothermomechanical loading using finite-element approach and experimental investigations. Dr. Attaf has published many scientific papers, edited five books, and successfully trained/supervised many engineers and postgraduate students (Master’s and PhD’s).

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By adopting the principles of sustainable design and cleaner production, this important book opens a new challenge in the world of composite materials and explores the achieved advancements of specialists in their respective areas of research and innovation. Contributions coming from both spaces of academia and industry were so diversified that the 28 chapters composing the book have been grouped into the following main parts: sustainable materials and ecodesign aspects, composite materials and curing processes, modelling and testing, strength of adhesive joints, characterization and thermal behaviour, all of which provides an invaluable overview of this fascinating subject area. Results achieved from theoretical, numerical and experimental investigations can help designers, manufacturers and suppliers involved with high-tech composite materials to boost competitiveness and innovation productivity.

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