Mithas Ahmad Dar

Mithas Ahmad Dar completed his BSc at the University of Kashmir, India in January 2003, followed by an MSc in Environmental Sciences from the University of Kashmir, India in January 2005. He received his MTech in Remote Sensing and GIS in 2008 from the SRM University, Chennai, India. His presented his thesis“Geomatics Based Environmental Investigation of Groundwater in Parts of Palar River Basin”at the Department of Eath Sciences, Ocean & Atmospheric Science and Technology Cell, Tamil University Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India. Mithas Ahmad Dar published more than 15 scientific papers in various international journals of repute and participated in several conferences and workshops. He held a talk on Environmental remote Sensing at GEODIMMS-21010 (Geomatic Based Natural Resources Disaster Mitigation and Management (2010)), a national-level workshop, and also acted as a co-chairman at the same event. Introduction to Remote Sensing and GIS was another topic he held a talk on at the Government Women's College, Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. He acted and is still acting as a reviewer and a member of the editorial board in several international journals.