Hiroshi Saruwatari

Nara Institute of Science and TechnologyJapan

Hiroshi Saruwatari received Ph.D. degree from Nagoya University, Japan, in 2000, where he consistently engaged in researches on multichannel signal processing for noise reduction and dereverberations with Prof. Fumitada Itakura. His research interests include microphone array signal processing, blind source separation (BSS), and sound field control. He has successfully achieved his carrier, especially on BSS researches including theoretical bridge between unsupervised learning and spatial signal processing, and development of the real-time algorithm. He has put his research into the world\'s first commercially available Independent-Component-Analysis-based BSS microphone in 2007. He published more than 300 refereed papers of international journals and conferences, getting more than 600 citations in the last decade. He received paper awards from IEICE in 2001 and 2006, from Telecommunications Advancement Foundation in 2004 and 2009, and from IEEE-IROS2005 in 2006. He won the first prize in IEEE MLSP2007 Data Analysis Competition for BSS. He has been professionally involved in various volunteer works for IEEE, IEICE, and ASJ, including chair posts of international conferences and associate editor of journals.

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