Aimé Peláiz-Barranco

University of HavanaCuba

Dr. Aimé Peláiz Barranco is a professor in the Physics Faculty, Havana University, Cuba. Her activities range from teaching,to advising undergraduate and graduate students and doing high quality research. She is one of the leaders in the development of ferroelectric and antiferroelectric materials research in Cuba. She has authored several scientific papers in refereed journals and presented an important number of research works at national and international conferences. Her results have been recognized in Cuba and worldwide through several awards, such as TWOWS Award for Young Women Scientists in Physics/Mathematics (2010) and TWAS-ROLAC Award for Young Scientists in Physics (2011). She is the international coordinator of the Latin American Network of Ferroelectrics Materials.

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Ferroelectricity is one of the most studied phenomena in the scientific community due the importance of ferroelectric materials in a wide range of applications including high dielectric constant capacitors, pyroelectric devices, transducers for medical diagnostic, piezoelectric sonars, electrooptic light valves, electromechanical transducers and ferroelectric random access memories. Actually the ferroelectricity at nanoscale receives a great attention to the development of new technologies. The demand for ferroelectric systems with specific applications enforced the in-depth research in addition to the improvement of processing and characterization techniques. This book contains twenty two chapters and offers an up-to-date view of recent research into ferroelectricity. The chapters cover various formulations, their forms (bulk, thin films, ferroelectric liquid crystals), fabrication, properties, theoretical topics and ferroelectricity at nanoscale.

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