Jerry Draper-Rodi

Jerry is a practising osteopath (, a lecturer and is currently working towards a professional doctorate in osteopathy run by the British School of Osteopathy and the University of Bedfordshire. He received his degree in osteopathy (DO) in 2007 and has postgraduate diplomas in anatomy (Université Paris Ouest, 2007; Université Paris V Descartes, 2009), and a postgraduate certificate in research methods (BSO-University of Bedfordshire, 2011). He began the professional doctorate in 2011. He taught for two years at the CEESO (Paris) as an assistant in visceral osteopathy and structural orthopaedic examination. He has now been teaching structural osteopathy at the British School of Osteopathy (London) for two years. He has published two posters (Morphologist Association Congress, Brussels (Belgium); International Conference of Osteopathic Medicine, Florence (Italy)) and several articles in the research and treatment bulletin of the International Journal of Osteopathic Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal, on various subjects including osteopathic education, low back pain, chronic tension-type headache, and lymphatic pump techniques.

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