Francescantonio Della Rosa

Francescantonio Della Rosa received his M.Sc. degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with specialization in Mobile Communications, from Aalborg University (AAU), Aalborg, Denmark, in June 2007. Currently, he is a research scientist at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), Department of Computer Systems, working on hybrid data fusion and software development of GNSS receiver prototypes within the EU FP7 project GRAMMAR (Galileo Ready Advanced Mass Market Receiver) and Wireless Systems Prototypes. In 2006 he has been involved within the EU FP6 project MAGNET (My personal Adaptive Global Network) Beyond, and in the COMET (Cooperative Mobile Positioning) project in 2007 at AAU. Since 2007 he has been working as software engineer and consultant in R&D companies in the field of wireless communications and embedded systems. He is author/co-author of papers about localization techniques, reviewer for international journals and conferences (such as Springer, special issue on "Towards Global & Seamless Personal Navigation" and Elsevier Computer Communications,special Issue on “Applied Sciences”. In 2007 he was the main instructor for a tutorial with title “Cooperative Mobile Positioning: Empowering Wireless Location by Fostering Cooperation Among Users” at IADIS WAC’07, Lisbon, Portugal. He is member of IEEE and currently he is the chairman of the IEEE Student Branch at Tampere University of Technology. His research interests include, but are not restricted to, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and receiver prototypes, wireless positioning, hybrid and cooperative localization techniques.

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