Sudheer Neralla

Dr. Neralla\'s research interests include synthesis of novel nanomaterials, thin films, nanoindentation, friction and wear, and corrosion study of coatings and biodegradable Mg-based alloys.

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Nanocrystals research has been an area of significant interest lately, due to the wide variety of potential applications in semiconductor, optical and biomedical fields. This book consists of a collection of research work on nanocrystals processing and characterization of their structural, optical, electronic, magnetic and mechanical properties. Various methods for nanocrystals synthesis are discussed in the book. Size-dependent properties such as quantum confinement, superparamagnetism have been observed in semiconductor and magnetic nanoparticles. Nanocrystals incorporated into different material systems have proven to possess improved properties. A review of the exciting outcomes nanoparticles study has provided indicates further accomplishments in the near future.

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