Maria Angelica Wasserman

National Nuclear Energy CommissionBrazil

1982. Diploma of Agricultural Engineering obtained at the Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 1985. Master of Geosciences (Geochemistry) obtained at the Federal Fluminense University. Niteroi, Brazil. 1991. PhD, environmental geochemistry, obtained at the University of Bordeaux I. Bordeaux, France. Since 1995 Dr. Maria Wasserman is a senior researcher at the Brazilian Nuclear Energy Commission. She has experience in environmental chemistry with emphasis on Trace Analysis and soil Chemistry, and in radioecology acting on the following topics: radioecology of tropical ecosystems, soil-plant transfer of radionuclides, mechanisms of sorption of radioactive and stable pollutants in soils and sediments, sequential extraction, radiation protection and environmental risk assessment. Lead the CNPq research group in the area of radioecology that aims to generate scientific and technical inputs to decision-making measures for environmental protection and restoration of areas contaminated by industrial activities or due to nuclear or radiological accidents. She has been involved into several national and international projects either as associated researcher or coordinator. Her publications include 21 refereed papers, 15 book chapters and 71 full papers in conference proceedings. She has more than 28 masters and undergraduate supervisions completed. Since 2003 is professor of the course radioecology II at the post-graduate program in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry and recently also teaches at the post-graduate program in Science and Nuclear Technologies at the Nuclear Engineering Institute. Actually is supervising 4 master's students, one undergraduate students and a postdoctoral fellowship from CAPES-PNPD. Coordinated the post-graduate program in Radiation Protection and Dosimetry at Institute of Radioprotection and Dosimetry from 2008 to December 2010, rated grade maximum (5) by CAPES by the triennium 2007-2010.

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