Piyali Datta Chakraborty

Research Scientist

EDUCATION: • Ph. D., Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences (2006), Jadavpur University, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (a unit of CSIR, India), Jadavpur, Kolkata. Dissertation: “Human Placental Extract: Evaluation as A Drug For Wound Healing”. • M.Sc. (Physiology) 1999, Calcutta University, University College of Science and Technology (Rajabazar Science College), Kolkata. • B.Sc [Physiology (Hons.), Physics and Computer Science)], 1997 Calcutta University, PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: • Research Scientist (R&D) Albert David Ltd., Kolkata, India, From 2005 to Present. “Presently conducting a collaborative research project on ‘Biochemical characterization of the drug Placentrex’ with Indian institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata since 2007.” • Senior Research Fellow (SRF) Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata (a unit of CSIR, India) Department of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics 2002-2004, • Junior Research Fellow (JRF) Indian Institute of Chemical Biology (Kolkata), a unit of CSIR, India) Department of Structural Biology and Bioinformatics 1999-2002, RESEARCH EXPERIENCE: • Characterization of an aqueous extract of Human Placenta (used as wound healer) by isolating active components present in it and to determine their mechanism of action. • Development of a method for fingerprinting of multi-component drugs using fluorescence Excitation-Emission-Matrix (EEM) plots. • Purification and Characterization of bio-active peptides (e.g. Fibronectin type III) and small molecules (e.g. NADPH, PDRNs) from human placental extract. • Protein purification and characterization. • Characterization of small molecules from human placental extract by using different spectroscopic and chromatographic methods. • Elucidation of mechanism of action of the bio-active peptides and small molecules of human placental extract using different cell biology and immunology techniques. • Detail study of protein-protein/protein-peptide/peptide peptide interaction by using Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR), Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (FRET) etc.

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