Abdelkader Djelloul

Abdelkader Djelloul Institute of Materials Science, Khenchela University, Algeria Abdelkader Djelloul obtained his Ph.D. degree in Physics and Mathematics (1990) at the Rostov State University (Russia) after preforming research at the Dagestan State University (Russia). After working in the field of thin films, luminescence and infrared spectroscopy at the University of Oum El Boughi (Algeria), and Khenchela University (Algeria), he received his habilitation in 2006 and since 2011 he is a full professor. Since June 2007, he is a Research Group Leader at the Laboratory: Properties and Interactions interatomic LASPI2A, University of Khenchela, working on solar cells, thin films, and alloys and compounds. Biography Updated on 14 February 2015

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