Xinxin Guo

Universiti Tunku Abdul RahmanMalaysia

Dr Guo Xinxin was born in Jilin, China. After completing a bachelor degree in Environmental Chemistry at Jilin University, She went to the UK for further study and obtained a master degree in Environmental Sciences from University of Nottingham, UK, in 2004, and then she did a PhD in University of East Anglia to study the aerosol chemistry of phenols in the atmosphere. In 2010, she joined the Faculty of Engineering and Green Technology, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia. She currently holds the position of Assistant Professor at the Department of Environmental Engineering. Her research interests include indoor and outdoor air pollution, chemistry of atmospheric aerosols, chemistry of organic acids and metal-organic complexes in the atmosphere, but now she concentrates on atmospheric surfactants, their characteristics, concentration, composition and sources around the tin mine lakes ecosystems in Malaysia.

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