Zdzislaw Mazur

Zdzislaw Mazur holds a PhD. in ME. He was with a steam turbine manufacturer "Zamech Elblag" Poland (currently "ALSTOM Power, Poland") from 1968 - 1988 as instrumentation designer, process engineer and main process engineer. Since 1988 he is working at the Instituto de Investigaciones Electricas, Cuernavaca, México as a researcher, actively involved in developing technologies for repair, maintenance, remaining life prediction and life extension of turbine components. He has 168 publication at internationals conferences and journals related with a steam and gas turbines repair, diagnostics, fluid flow and heat transfer analysis, remaining life prediction, maintenance and life extension. He has 17 patents awarded. He wrote about 326 technical reports covered failure analysis of steam, gas and hydraulic turbines, methods of life extension of turbine components, application of repair methods of turbine elements, turbine maintenance, life prediction and reverse engineering. He is rewiewer of International journals: CHEMICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE, APPLIED THERMAL ENGINEERING, JOURNAL OF FLUIDS AND STRUCTURES, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FAILURE ANALYSIS, IEEE

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