Santosh Anand

San Raffaele Hospital Italy

Santosh Anand (Msc.) is a senior bioinformatician at San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy. He has double Master’s degree in Physics (IIT Kanpur, India) and in Computer Science (University of Nice, France), respectively, and has extensive experience in interdisciplinary and translational research. His main research interest is in integration and analysis of different kinds of biological data (genomics, proteomics, NGS) to understand the molecular basis of genetic diseases. He is particularly interested in biomarker studies and has worked on biomarkers for lung cancer, fabry disease and pancreatic cancer. Currently he is involved in several clinical and basic research projects in type-I diabetes (T1D). These include finding ways to increase the efficacy of bone marrow islet transplant (in T1D pts.) and (pre-clinical) stem cell therapy; and dissecting the roles of neutrophil, Teff and Treg cells in T1D. In the past, he worked as bioinformatician at Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (Naples, Italy) and managed and analyzed all the data of EU integrated project EURExpress.