Vladimir Dubyanskiy

Vladimir M. Dubyanskiy, B.D., PhD, ScD. Stavropol Plague Control Research Institute, Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Reference and Research on Plague, Head of Department of epizootic monitoring and forecasting. Expert in Plague of WHO. H-index: Research Gate - 7, Web of Science - 6, Scopus -7, Google Scholar -11. I specialize in epizootology and epidemiology zoonotic diseases as plague, tularemia and arthropodborne and hemorrhagic fever viruses. Before 2010 I worked for 25 years as a biologist and epidemiologist in the Central Asia natural plague foci. Now I am working in the Caucasus natural plague foci, CCHF and other viruses foci in Russia and continue to study Central Asia plague. My main scientific interests are mathematic modelling for forecasting of zoonotic diseases outbreaks and ranking territory by the risk of human infecting with using modern technology like remote sensing and imitation computer modelling. I created the models which have been using for forecasting plague activity in the Republic of Kazakhstan, South Region of the Russian Federation and forecasting of CCHF outbreaks in Russian Federation. Skills & Activities: Plague, Yersinia pestis, Biosafety, Genotyping, Data Analysis, Animal Experiments, Yersinia, Host-Microbe Interactions, Phylogeography, Host-Pathogen Interactions, Sequencing, Scientific Data Management, Manuscript preparation and submission, GIS, data bases, Visual Basic, Python, FoxPro, Statistica, Mathematical model, Ecology and Evolution, Climate change, Conservation Biology, Ecosystem, Remote Sensing, Tropical Diseases, Zoonotic Diseases, Simulation and Modeling, Epidemiology, Satellite, Medical Malacology, Rodents Biology and Ecology, Diseases Ecology.

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