Laura Romero-Zerón

University of New Brunswick

Laura Romero-Zerón is a Professor in the Dept. of Chemical Engineering at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Canada. Her research interests include enhanced oil recovery technics and MRI for EOR applications, among others. She holds a PhD in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. She is a member of the SPE and holds the SPE Petroleum Engineering Certification.

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This book offers practical concepts of EOR processes and summarizes the fundamentals of bioremediation of oil-contaminated sites. The first section presents a simplified description of EOR processes to boost the recovery of oil or to displace and produce the significant amounts of oil left behind in the reservoir during or after the course of any primary and secondary recovery process; it highlights the emerging EOR technological trends and the areas that need research and development; while the second section focuses on the use of biotechnology to remediate the inevitable environmental footprint of crude oil production; such is the case of accidental oil spills in marine, river, and land environments. The readers will gain useful and practical insights in these fields.

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