Ona Bundiniene

Scientific Worker

I was born in 1953-03-08, in Kaunas district. 1976 finished the Lithuanian Academy (now Institute) of Agriculture, Agronomy Faculty. 1976 - 2003 worked at Dukstas experimental station (district of Ignalina) of Lithuanian Institute of Agriculture, since 2004 - research worker at the Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture, Vegetable Growing Department (since 2010 years Institute of Horticulture, Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry). In 1989 defended a thesis for a degree PhD of agrarian sciences. The subject of research "Application time of mineral fertilizers and losses of nutrients on hilly eroded soils in Eastern part of Lithuania". There was investigated the optimal time of application phosphorus and potassium fertilizers for barley and red clover, and nitrophoska for ryes, and tested the losses of nutrients and soil. Main areas of research are following: field vegetable fertilization in the intensive and integration growing technologies, the using of new fertilizers. I consult farmers, read lectures in the seminars.

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