Hashim Habiballa

University of Ostrava Czech Republic

(*1976) He graduated at University of Ostrava, Faculty of Science in course Information Systems (Mgr.~ MSc. - 1999), further he passed rigorous examination in Computer Science Education (PaedDr. - 2003) and in 2004 he defended in the same discipline dissertation (PhD. - 2004). In 2006 he passed second rigorous examination in Information Systems (RNDr. - 2006) followed by second dissertation defended in 2007 in the same discipline (Ph.D. - 2007). He works on University of Ostrava, Dept. Informatics and Computers from 1999 and during years 2000 - 2004 worked also for Institute for Research and Application of Fuzzy Modeling like research assistant and programmer of scientific applications (from 2005 participation in project). He works on scientific and educational applications in Computer Science Education, further he focuses in artificial intelligence, logic, theory of formal languages and logic programming. He is an author of (2001 - 2008) 90 publications - 22 articles in reviewed journals, 54 articles in proceedings of international and national conferences, 2 reviewed textbooks, 6 teaching texts, 6 graduation theses. He also participated in 3 research plans of MSMT, 2 projects GACR and several other projects.

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