Carla Daruich De Souza

Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute Korea, South

Bsc in Medical Physics from UNESP in Botucatu Compleated at IPEN, University of São Paulo: 1) Master\'s Degree: Comparison between methods for fixing iodine-125 on silver substrate for fabricating sources used in Brachytherapy / 2) PhD: Parameters for production of iodine-125 sources used in brachytherapy and \"sandwich\" doctorate: Washington State University - training in radiochemistry and organic chemistry / 3) Post doctorate: Production of nanosources for the treatment of cancer / 4) Project: Analysis of methods to obtain / produce nuclear material for use in a radioisotope thermoelectric generator (RTG)/ Advisor of the Professional Master\'s Degree in Radiation Technology in Health / Professor of the Professional Master Program in the disciplines Dosimetry for Radiotherapy and Radiotherapy Fundamentals / Professor of the Academic Master Program in the discipline TNA5805 - Brachytherapy: Fundamentals, Production, Application, Dosimetry and Quality Research Associate of KAERI - Korean Atomic Energy and Research Institute

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