Gabriela Raducan

Gabriela is an experienced researcher with deep knowledge of Advanced Data Science and ICT and a strong interdisciplinary background. Throughout her career, she had the opportunity to work in high profile research institutes in Europe, to teach at various universities and run exciting projects. She has a great passion for research, technology and innovation. Gabriela has an Australian PhD and many years of experience in the field of wildfires (\"bushfires\" as they are called in Australia). Before moving to Australia, Gabriela was the Manager and Lead Researcher at the \"National Institute for Research and Development in Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies\" for the \"Processes and Isotope Analyses Laboratory\". In 2011, Gabriela accredited RENAR this laboratory, which became the only (and the first) accredited laboratory in the world that produced heavy water standards. The heavy water standards were used at the nuclear reactors in Cernavoda. Gabriela is also a Senior Research Fellow at LIEF (La Trobe Innovation and Entrepreneurship Foundry), where she undertakes research on various topics. Gabriela is passionate about promoting STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Medicine) careers, and bridging the gender gap in various disciplines, and about mentoring and helping younger generations succeed in life.

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