Masoud Saravi

Islamic Azad UniversityIran

Born in 1953, in the city of Amol, Iran, Dr Saravi started off academic studies in UK’s Dudley Technical College. He received his first degree in Mathematics and Statistics from Polytechnic of North London, and his second degree in Numerical Analysis from Brunel University. After obtaining an MPhil in Applied Mathematics from Iran’s Polytechnic University, he was appointed Lecturer of Mathematics at Iran’s IAU, in 2000. He applied at UK’s Open University, acquiring a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis. His research interests include numerical solution of ODE’s, differential equations and integral equations as well as DAE and spectral methods. Dr. Saravi has published 10 successful titles in the area of mathematics. The immense popularity of his books is deemed as a reflection of more than 30 years of educational experience, and a result of his accessible style of writing, as well as a broad coverage of well laid out and easy to follow subjects. His books on Calculus, Differential Equations and Engineering Mathematics, are recommended course books in several renowned universities in Iran. He is currently a board member at IAU, Iran.

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