As a company committed to the wider dissemination of knowledge, IntechOpen supports the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol (OAI-PMH Version 2.0).

The OAI-PMH (Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting) is used to govern the collection of metadata descriptions and enables other archives to access our database. The Protocol has been developed by the Open Archives Initiative, based on ensuring interoperability standards in order to ease and promote broader and more efficient dissemination of information within the scientific community.

We have adopted the Protocol to increase the number of readers of our publications. All our Works are more widely accessible, with resulting benefits for scholars, researchers, students, libraries, universities and other academic institutions. Through this method of exposing metadata, IntechOpen enables citation indexes, scientific search engines, scholarly databases, and scientific literature collections to gather metadata from our repository and make our publications available to a broader academic audience.

As a Registered Data Provider, metadata for published Books and Chapters are available via our interface at the base URL: http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/index.php


  1. To access information about our repository:  http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=Identify
  2. To view the set structure of IntechOpen, Open Access Publisher repository: https://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=ListSets
  3. To retrieve the metadata formats available from IntechOpen - Open Access: http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=ListMetadataFormats
  4. To harvest records from IntechOpen - Open Access Publisher repository: http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc
  5. To retrieve an individual metadata record from IntechOpen - Open Access Publisher repository: http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=GetRecord&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&identifier=oai:intechopen.com:2
  6. To retrieve an abbreviated form of List Records (only headers): http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=ListIdentifiers&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&set=978-953-7619-59-6
  7. To retrieve List Records within a specified date range: http://mts.intechopen.com/oai/?verb=ListRecords&metadataPrefix=oai_dc&from=2007-01-01&until=2008-11-01

You can find out more about the Protocol by visiting the Open Archives website. For additional questions please contact us at ai@intechopen.com.


Databases, repositories and search engines that provide services based on metadata harvested using the OAI metadata harvesting protocol include:

BASE - Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

One of the world's most powerful search engines, used primarily for academic Open Access web resources.

WorldCat - OCLC

A search engine for online catalogues of publications from all over the world.