How it Works

At IntechOpen, publishing an Open Access chapter consist of three phases - authors are very involved in the first two, and the IntechOpen team contributes by supporting the second and third phase.

Phase 1: publishing process, including peer-review -- authors will submit a proposal for the scholarly paper based on open book’s keywords and outline, and then work closely with the Academic Editor who will review chapters, suggest revisions, review them again and ultimately reject or accept. Just like any traditional publishing! However, we will provide you with a “book progress report” which will introduce you to your colleagues working on the same book and help you track your progress, as well as enable collaboration, if appropriate.

Phase 2: production process, where the content is reviewed from a technical perspective and you will work with your IntechOpen Author Service Manager on English language copyediting, technical editing, and book finalization efforts. Finally, when all chapters are done, the book will get “published” meaning it is available for downloads or to be ordered for shipments of hard copies.

Phase 3: Becoming an IntechOpen author -- when your chapter is published, you have officially become a member of our scientific community, and we will assist you with the post-publishing support including the dissemination of your research, access to IntechOpen’s Performance Metrics reports which will outline for you cumulative downloads by countries/time frame and will include data about your chapter’s citations and cross referencing.

When the book is ready for production, you will be asked for the Open Access industry’s Open Access Publishing Fee. Many universities have, not only Open Access policies, but also Open Access funds dedicated for research like yours. However, should your university not be in a position to do that, and assuming the academic editor has accepted your chapter, our IntechOpen team can help you find a funder outside your university. Or if your work is exception, we consider certain chapter fees to be waived.

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Based on the scientific background, we continuously seek to improve the advancement of discovery, so if you have suggestions for answering additional academic needs, please contact us at