InTech Regional Research Spotlight Series - China

November 6, 2015

InTech Regional Research Spotlight Series focuses on highlighting fruitful and successful collaborations developed by our team with particular countries and its notable scientists, research institutions and companies actively involved in the field of Science, Technology and Medicine (STM).

With China now becoming an absolute world leader in terms of investment in research and development, and its commitment to open science, the EU based open access publisher - InTech is proud to say its efforts are resulting in a successful collaboration with an increasing number of researchers and academics based in China.

The number of our China based authors started its rapid growth in 2012 when we established a local presence in Shanghai. Those activities have since maintained a stable flow, and by 2015, InTech worked with almost 3,000 Chinese researchers and academics.

Being one of the largest open access book publishers within the STM field, active promotion of locally based research efforts and applications on an international level will remain our goal in the years to come.

Collaboration with Chinese scientists

As of October 2015, InTech published 42 books with 28 editors from China. In total, we have published 2,969 China based authors, the highest number of them coming from Tsinghua University, Dalian University of Technology and Peking University.

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While we are proud of all our collaborations with Chinese scientists, the following books and chapters stand out in terms of highest number of citations.

Most cited books

China Image 2

Graphene Simulation
Edited by Jian Ru Gong,
ISBN 978-953-307-556-3, 386 pages,
Published: 01 August, 2011
Times cited (Web of Science): 40
All chapters downloaded 93,606 times

China Image 3

Nanofibers - Production, Properties and Functional Applications
Edited by Tong Lin,
ISBN 978-953-307-420-7, 468 pages,
Published: 14 November, 2011
Times cited (Web of Science): 58
All chapters downloaded 126,549 times

Most cited chapter

China Image 4

Authors: Ming Huang and Jingjing Yang
Affiliation: School of Information Science and Engineering, Yunnan University, Kunming, Yunnan.

Book Chapter: “Microwave Sensor Using Metamaterials
Published in: Wave Propagation,
Edited by Andrey Petrin,
ISBN 978-953-307-275-3, 580 pages
Published: 16 March, 2011
Times cited (Web of Science): 22
Times cited (Google Scholar): 31
Chapter downloaded 6,236 times

Notable collaboration

Prof He Tian of East China University of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China, is among the most frequently acknowledged researchers as classified by Thomson Reuters. In 2011, he contributed his chapter titled “Organometallic Materials for Electroluminescent and Photovoltaic Devices” published in the book “Organic Light Emitting Diode - Material, Process and Devices”.

China Image 5

Prof. He Tian
Affiliation: East China University of Science and Technology, People’s Republic of China

Chapter title: Organometallic Materials for Electroluminescent and Photovoltaic Devices
Times cited (Web of Science): 9
Times cited (Google Scholar): 6
Chapter downloaded 6,056 times
Book title: Organic Light Emitting Diode - Material, Process and Devices
Times cited (Web of Science): 32
All chapters downloaded 94,143 times

Recent visit to China

In August 2015, InTech’s team visited the Beijing International Book Fair 2015. Our Managing Director, Head of Book Publishing and Head of Logistics showcased our books, they met with some of our published authors and editors and arranged new joint projects for the current, and the coming year.

China Image 6 China Image 7

They also met with our regional representative, China Publishers Services Ltd, and most of our distributors, further strengthening our cooperation.

Additionally, our team met with librarians from Shanghai Library, National Library of China, and Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) to ensure our international authors get the attention they deserve in China.

A longstanding collaboration on raising the awareness of the importance of open access publishing was one of our main topics during the meeting with CAS’ representatives.

Both CAS, as one of China's most prestigious research institutions, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China, a major basic science funding agency, announced a year ago that researchers associated with these institutions would need to give unrestricted access to their papers within a year of publication. This is a major step forward for open science, the one that can only be followed by immediate and unrestricted access to research.

Representation in the region

With a large portfolio of published scientific papers written by authors from around the world, InTech is bringing the work of international scientists to the attention of Chinese academic community.

In order to respond to the current Asian market's demands within the STM industry and to enable the most efficient delivery of InTech's high quality printed publications, we signed a Print-On-Demand - Printing Cooperation Agreement with China Educational Publications Import & Export Co, Ltd. (CEPIEC). Their services will provide Print-On-Demand printing of InTech books through the first facility of this kind in China.

We have also teamed up with a number of local distributors, to promote Chinese and renowned international scientists published with InTech by making our printed books available across China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

If you are interested in InTech’s printed books, please contact one of our distributors:

  • Shanghai Book Traders
  • China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.
  • China National Publications Import & Export Corporation
  • China National Publications Import & Export Corporation Shanghai Branch
  • China National Publications Import & Export Corporation-Guangzhou
  • China Book Import Center
  • Beijing ZhongKe I/E Company
  • Beijing Publications Import & Export Corporation Ltd.

Our distributors continually visit prominent book fairs and universities throughout the country presenting our books on a regional level.

Collaboration invitation

Our planet has changed, right in front of our eyes…

For centuries, access to innovation has been restricted by high costs of traditional methods of peer review and publishing, but this is true no more. Today, modern publishers have the potential to make information accessible all over the world for just a fraction of the cost of traditional methods of dissemination. This, combined with the rise of open access initiative, represents the beginning of real change for scholarly communications.

With the mission to support all of our published authors in receiving global recognition and to overcome the problem of limited access to knowledge, InTech has been at the forefront of open access publishing since 2004.

We believe that knowledge should be open to all, and that every author has the right to have its work fairly reviewed and made available to the widest possible audience.

Surpassing all borders, papers published by InTech are read by more than half a million people each month, and this number keeps growing. Our large global audience is what makes our open access reading platform a solid base for all our authors to get the international recognition and the rewards that they deserve.

Regardless if you published with us in the past, please note that our Book Department welcomes all new projects, publications and partnerships involving all China based science communities.