IntechOpen Open Access Milestones

26 November 2012

As 2013 approaches here at IntechOpen we are starting to look back at 2012 and we do it with pride in our eyes. As the STM publishing market is competitive as ever and new Scholarly publishers, both Open Access and non, enter the market to fight for their own place under the sun, IntechOpen has managed to reaffirm itself as a leader in Open Access publishing. Working hard every day to support all our international authors, select the best papers to be published online after being reviewed and promote scientific advancements to be shared among stakeholders worldwide were IntechOpen's objectives from the start. By abiding to our core values of disseminating knowledge freely we can proudly state today that we are approaching 17 million downloads of our books and journals papers and we are to publish are 2000th book this year.

  • Approaching 17 Million Downloads 
  • 2,000 books in 2012

The road to success is always a bumpy one but when believing in the final goal of making science accessible to all public with no restrictions we have reached a critical point of no return as the science publishing landscape is in fact changing and it is doing it fast.

Only this year we had the pleasure to greet quite a few new citizen/government actions strongly pushing for science to be of public domain, the most prominent example being the UK's government's response to the Finch Report on open access to the results of publicly funded research and the announcement of how it will be implemented by the UK Research Councils (RCUK).

On our part we believe we have contributed to the Open Access revolution since the start by establishing our first Open Access journal in 2004, the International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, today the only Open Access journal in Robotics to have an Impact Factor.

With the years we have grown our collection of STM books and journals considerably, always striving to do better as only by raising the bar of success further significant achievements are to be truly made.


                                                                                                                                                                  InTechOpen's team