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February 27, 2015

Following our first IntechOpen Book Highlights newsletter dedicated to our authors, now we are turning our attention to the research content published in our books up until today. In celebration of our 10th year anniversary since the first published book, we would like to give you a more thorough insight into our + 39,000 book chapters, including total chapter views, downloads, most published chapters by subject, and highly cited chapters, among other.

IntechOpen book chapters are scholarly papers targeting an audience of practicing researchers, academics, PhD students and other scientists. Each chapter is an individual section of the book that by its title and content is connected to the overall book topic. IntechOpen book chapters are written by authors, scientists and researchers from all corners of the world, and are distributed and promoted individually as well as within the books these pertain to.

With this newsletter we would like to highlight the impact of chapters in terms of sharing new research and applications by international authors, contributions that have enriched the scientific community and have been well accepted by science communities worldwide.

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Author Spotlight

Interview with Prof. Dr. Beatriz S. Méndez and her advice on how to contribute to environmental preservation.

In this short interview concerning the subject of applied biotechnologies, Prof. Dr. Beatriz S. Méndez provides us with some straight to the point information on how to participate to environmental preservation from a consumer point of view.

Prof. Dr. Méndez co-authored the chapter titled Making Green Polymers Even Greener: Towards Sustainable Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Agroindustrial By-Products, published in the book "Advances in Applied Biotechnology" (edited by Marian Petre, published: January 20, 2012). 

IntechOpen: Can you tell us in short the scope of your chapter Making Green Polymers Even Greener: Towards Sustainable Production of Polyhydroxyalkanoates from Agroindustrial By-Products, co-authored with José G. C. Gomez, Pablo I. Nikel, M. Julia Pettinari, María A. Prieto and Luiziana F. Silva.

Prof. Dr. Méndez: Fermentation processes for PHAs production are focused on obtaining high polymer yield from cheap substrates in order to get an economically sounded product. The effect on the environment is generally not considered. As it is assumed that the production of an environmental friendly good should not damage the environment, the review described the different available strategies to achieve this goal.

IntechOpen: From the consumer point of view, how can we help environmental preservation?

Prof. Dr. Méndez: Consumers should try to control energy consumption at their home and to organize their garbage disposal. It would also be convenient to carefully evaluate if the goods that they buy damage the environment.

IntechOpen: The chapter you authored has been highly cited. What was the innovative take that lead to numerous citations?

Prof. Dr. Méndez: Our review presented a complete description of cutting-edge strategies developed to enhance the sustainability of PHA production processes at the level of the choice of substrates, the manipulation of strains by genetic and metabolic engineering, the modifications of the process and the downstream process and the development of functionalized polymers. No doubt this approach caught the attention of many colleagues.

IntechOpen: Do you think that publishing within an open access book helped trigger more citations than it would if your chapter was published in a traditional book?

Prof. Dr. Méndez: Of course.

IntechOpen: IntechOpen is celebrating its 10th year anniversary since its first published book. Do you have any message for us?

Prof. Dr. Méndez: Congratulations for the work that you have done and we hope that you will go on helping the scientific community by means of the dissemination of their research results.

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