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La Gioconda Effect and Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield

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Silvio Leite Monteiro da Silva

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DOI: 10.5772/intechopen.81625

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Traditional and Complementary Medicine

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The intriguing trajectory of Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci and its attraction to people is similar to the story of Homeopathy: an unprecedented brief description of La Gioconda effect. Homeopathy continues to move through the use, textual production, and new modalities of using its medications. The development of the “Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield” (BioFAO) with complex of seven homeopathic medicines will be presented applied in life sciences. BioFAO corroborates Hering’s Healing Laws and obstacles to healing. Regardless of the point of view, innovations happen in Homeopathy, either in the stricto sensu or in the lato sensu of its classical known terminology. The La Gioconda effect mysteriously maintains Homeopathy for centuries, as well as Mona Lisa’s trajectory of magnetism over people, which made it become the most famous painting of mankind. Quantum theory brings elements that can fundamentally be connected with phenomena applied with living beings already observed.


  • La Gioconda effect
  • Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield
  • BioFAO
  • ultradilutions
  • complex homeopathy
  • biological phenomena
  • proving
  • obstacles to cure
  • animals

1. Introduction

Homeopathy is a therapeutic tool of traditional knowledge that is used to intervene in health-disease processes of people, animals, and plants. The subject arouses high motivational interest in the society as described in this chapter due to the La Gioconda effect. This knowledge area is in constant evolution and is developing new ways to use the dynamized medicines; therefore, it was identified the use of the word Homeopathy in the stricto and lato sensu. So, it will be addressed the Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield (BioFAO) methodology, the context while an acting agent in the biofield and considerations regarding the traditional knowledge of the Homeopathy. Specifically, it will be described the brief history of its development, mentioned the medicines used in this complex, the main criteria for the choice of the potencies, the effect of the Healing Laws with BioFAO, obstacles to healing, use in animals, and how the discovery of each one of the information presented is related to the La Gioconda effect.

1.1 La Gioconda effect

The magnetism by interest that Mona Lisa, of Leonardo da Vinci, arouses in the people became this painting one of the most known and famous in the history of contemporary humanity. The passing of time and all the controversial facts that happened put the icon of the Renaissance in a position of world highlight. Located outside Italy, the museum that exhibits it attracts more than 8 million people annually and has this work popularly as the most sought. The great sure is the hearty discussions about several historical and technical aspects and investigations on this painting. However, its riddles continue to be discussed until today, and, mysteriously, continue without a consensual answer to facts that have not been unraveled, even after five centuries of the existence of a painting seemingly simple [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6].

The particular people’s fascination with a painting can be identified in parallel in other exciting subject presented to the world by Samuel Hahnemann in the secular scale: Homeopathy. It is estimated that there are over 200 million people in treatment according to the most recent data; from this total, 100 million would be European citizens, the equivalent to 1/3 of the total of all this population. The curiosity and facts that happened keep warm discussions in the society since its conception for over 200 years and keep it alive by looking for clinical practice, researches, and material published about the Art of Healing—its main lemma. For an example, Homeopathy and Jesus are the only two controversial web pages of Wikipedia in four languages simultaneously. Today, it is considered the second therapeutic system more used in the world, but, maybe, the most discussed between the several areas and professional specialities, the society and scientists, queens and kings [7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14].

Given the proportion of the different areas, both the subjects were presented by Renaissance’s geniuses. Their achievements crossed centuries, wars, natural disasters, and significant cultural changes of the humanity. When considering the chronological magnitude, both by fragility of a work of art painted on canvas as by culture and habits as abstract as the desire or the need to use homeopathic medicines, surely both would have been forgotten by time if they were so uninteresting to the people. Besides, the several opinions of each one of these work get to be very rich and, at the same time, distinct. What we note is exactly a common highly magnetic effect between the two works. Both arise actions of defenders and disdainful, historical and heroic acts, they cause movements to their audience and to their nonaudience. Inspired in the original name in Italian of the work Mona Lisa, the phenomenon of attraction by the interest of the people in the Homeopathy, as the brief description, is called of “La Gioconda” effect (Figure 1).

Figure 1.

La Gioconda effect: the face with smile of Hahnemann in overlapping to Mona Lisa. The painting of Mona Lisa was so famous that artists made several works based on this painting, to the point of the people desiring to put their face overlapping the original through editing techniques by digital image cropping, and has become so popular that it is considered an internet meme [15].


2. Literature review

2.1 The biofield for science

Biofield is notoriously recognized in the science and by USDA. It is assessed in the people and even in animals in the worldwide by noninvasive diagnosis methods, like, for example, since the discovery of X-rays, laureate with the Nobel Prize in Physics of 1901; and more, the discovery of the electrocardiogram, laureate with the Nobel Prize of 1924 in Physiology or Medicine, and, yet, by discovery of computed tomography (CT or CAT scans), which was laureate with the Nobel Prize of 1979 in Physiology or Medicine, by discovery of magnetic resonance imaging, which was laureate with the Nobel Prize of 2003 in Physiology or Medicine; the thermography and, also, electroencephalography. Today, all these analyses continue to be used in the clinical routine with principles essentially identical, only improved by technological developments, such as the increase of the image resolution and programming resources. However, all these analyses are based on detection of consolidated occurrences in the tissues of the living organisms, basically limited to the use as diagnosis techniques. This detection happens from perturbations of the respective field spectra assessed in the living organism in each one of these analysis mentioned [16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21].

The use of electromagnetic waves has a precedent in therapeutic treatments of the predominant Western medicine and in several procedures. Nevertheless, it is used very specifically and without considering the assessment of the traditional knowledge of the biofield, as much as potentially interferes in it. Examples of use of these techniques are the electroconvulsive therapy (formerly called of electroshock therapy) used in the psychiatry area; electroshock as containment or stunning method; execution agent by electrocution (popularly known as eletric chair), and euthanasia by focused beam microwave irradiation. Currently are used neuromuscular blockers in the treatments to avoid the typical muscle contractions that mark the society by disgusting aspect of some of these methodologies, with the voltage adjustment and more refined exposure places. However, these techniques, whatsoever objective and scientific arguments that exist, they present adverse effects or reactions by part of professionals of the area, on other specialties and areas, and by lay population regarding to acceptance, because several of them are highly rejected, contrary to the La Gioconda effect [22, 23, 24].

Recently, the use of fields started to be applied in an interventionist way with apparent damage containment in relation to the alleged benefits, sometimes in a noninvasive way. Examples of these techniques are radiotherapy for intervention in neoplastic processes; implant of cardiac pacemakers; electrical cardioversion in emergencies of cardiac arrhythmias; shock wave lithotripsy (SWL); laser beams for surgical interventions; cardioversion with blue light (optogenetics); neuromodulation; but they continue disregarding the biofield for treatment as the traditional knowledge can do [25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31].

The technology of dynamization of the pharmacotechnic homeopathic extracts the active principles of a certain material substance that can have mineral, vegetal, or animal origin. The dynamization is a sequential procedure that uses subsequent dilutions and shaking in liquid and dilutions and triturating in solid. According to the constant of Avogadro, theoretically would exist low probability in the molecular presence of the original active principle after the dynamization of 12c or 24d. It is considered that there is a significant detection of molecules originating from the homeopathic matrix only in low dynamizations, but not in high or ultra-high dynamizations. The active principle of a dynamized medicines, which are also called of high dilutions or ultra high dilutions, possibly will be the information impregnated in the base substance that can be in one weak wave or several weak waves, not knowing if it would be, necessarily, exclusively an electromagnetic wave [32, 33, 34].

2.2 From classical Homeopathy to Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield

La Gioconda effect provided to Homeopathy its ongoing study and development by doctors and researchers from classical traditional methodologies. The discovery of new medicines increased the descriptions of material medica; introduced new ways to use the medicines known, integrated new practices applied to the criteria of choice of the medicines; sequences of medicines; enlargement of the details of assessment of the healing laws; software for electronic repertorization; assessments in animal models; and development of several protocols based on homeopathic medicines and pharmacology [35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40].

The use of the word Homeopathy has a new dimension beyond the stricto sensu, according to the Hahnemannian traditional literature. However, to strengthen the area, notoriously multiprofessional and interdisciplinary, the use of the word Homeopathy in lato sensu should be considered when we refer to the therapeutic methods that use dynamized medicines, created from the disciples of Hahnemann. An example of this evolution would be the methodologies of the 12 Schüessler Tissue Salts, use of biotherapeutics, application of the dynamized medicines by anthroposophy, homotoxicology, and the Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield (BioFAO) [10, 11, 32, 33, 34, 35, 39].

Several of these therapeutic opinions aggregated traditional knowledge of the many therapeutic styles around the world to the use of homeopathic medicines. One of the main contributions for Homeopathy was preceded, in the history of the science of Western Medicine predominant, the use of a single medicine. The context was a time in which many medicines were used and, without knowing what were specifically their effects, became panaceas and, ultimately, did not know which one was healing or intoxicating. Nowadays, the several opinions of Homeopathy in lato sensu consider the use of more than one dynamized medicine or more than one potency, and it is different of the phenomenon of abuse by a polymedication like happens in the allopathy by use of more than five drugs simultaneously. Motivated by context of use of the classic method with a single medicine, known by unicism, emerges the will for a robust and consensual therapeutic platform. So, the methodology currently described as BioFAO was developed during the clinical practice of the Doctor Miria de Amorim and her team of collaborators in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), coherent with the phenomenon described in the La Gioconda effect in the beginning of this chapter [11, 12, 39, 40, 41].

Amorim describes her methodology in 2018 (available in Portuguese), the summary of the history, inspirations, and motivations that boosted the development of BioFAO. The first parameter assessed was the biological response presented during the development of this methodology, identified currently as adherent to the cartography in health care. Previously, the methodology was called only of FAO and was used centesimal, millesimal, and 50th millesimal scales throughout the history of its development [38, 39, 40, 41].

To reach to its innovative state of the art, we note and compared practical concepts of assessment of the biofield described traditionally by Traditional Chinese Medicine, Vitalism, and others; by consensual centers of awareness, traditionally known as chakras by Ayurveda, from India, which inspired to define the homeopathic medicines related to each part of the human body represented in seven endocrine centers; by sequential order of use of each one inspired in the traditional knowledge of the alchemy; by an amount of repetitions inspired by the traditional knowledge of the sacred geometry; and by concepts of the quantum physics [39, 40].


3. Material and methods

The BioFAO methodology was developed by observation of effects of clinical treatment adherents to the cartography in health care methodology. The medicines that are part of BioFAO are Antimonium crudum, Kali carbonicum, Mercurius solubilis, sulfur, Natrum muriaticum, Aurum metallicum, and Ammonium muriaticum. Currently, the matrix used has the aliases Archeus and uses repetitions of these medicines according to described in the publication of the methodology [39, 40]. Each one of these medicines has inspired connection from consensual centers of awareness that related with the endocrine centers, described in Table 1.

Homeopathic medicineEndocrine centers
Antimonium crudumPituitary gland
Kali carbonicumPineal gland
Mercurius solubilisThyroid and parathyroid glands
Natrum muriaticumThymus gland
Aurum metallicumGonads
Ammonium muriaticumAdrenal

Table 1.

List of the medicines used and its correspondences to the endocrine centers of the region of thematic influence.

Each cycle of administration of the therapeutic methodology there are used four (4) bottles with interval of one (1) hour between them in the same day. Each bottle has a complex with 25 dosages of the seven mineral medicines in two different dynamizations. Therefore, after the administration of the 4 bottles, 100 dosages are used in a total of one (1) cycle of protocol. This information only should be used for a description of a methodology, and should be prescribed and monitored by a qualified and updated professional in specific training course of the BioFAO Institute. The medicine described to be applied for use, either for clinical treatment or for research, should be prepared by accredited facility of reference Pharma Lotus and Alquiotupã Pharmacy. The self-medication is inadvisable in any case, even as administer the medicine to a person or animal with no indication or authorization of the doctor responsible, updated, and qualified to assess the monitoring of the effects [38, 42, 43].


4. Key results

4.1 Homeopathic aspects of Self-Organizing Factors of Biofield

The discovery of the BioFAO medicines was different from proving, how it is described in the classic Homeopathy with the use in repeated and systematized doses. The clinical treatment of an essentially rural population considered healthy in global way supported the development and adjustments of the BioFAO methodology whenever necessary. The trajectory of patients of the office of a doctor’s group working professionally in Rio de Janeiro’s city was used as comparative elements, and, yet, a restrict group spontaneously intoxicated by pesticides with health status considered incurable and chronic. The pictures that appear in these distinct situations were monitored according to the symptomatology, the clinical resolution, and the potencies used, with discussion mainly in an oral form of the results and adjustments in the treatments. Usually, potency bands are assigned according to the organic injury and the case individually, but the set of some cases specifically could be presented by pathology. These specific cases eventually share a minimum or maximum potency of general suggestion, but the individual response continues to predominate in the assessment. La Gioconda effect kept together patients, doctors, and pharmacist team around the desire to be connected to the treatment with the BioFAO methodology during almost 40 years of its development.

After the beginning of a treatment with BioFAO, it is reported that the patient triggers a healing process because they present phenomena compatible with the Hering’s Healing Laws. Moreover, well-described stages are identified in the book in Portuguese, known traditionally by alchemy as albedo, nigredo, and rubedo. During the healing process are described unique events, incidents, and situations related to prior decisions, behavior, and choices, but that reoccur to grant the possibility to be reviewed, reconsidered, and redirected. The full experience is identified by author herself as synchronicity, which refers subjectively to a metaphor of spiritual connection of the life phenomenon represented in the individual at issue with his connection to the concept of force of the universe. It is also noted phenomena are compatible with the subjective feeling of general well-being, commonly described when a person uses the medicine and the potency that would be his Simillimum by the traditional knowledge of the Homeopathy. The biological aspect equivalent to this phenomenon in the living being is compatible with self-regulation in the immune system and happens a balance, discovery, or indication of the healing path of the physical symptoms [39, 40, 44].

The potencies used in 2018 are between 9 and 15d and their use varies according to the history obtained in the anamnesis of the patient. The medicines are complex according to the Brazilian Homeopathic Pharmacopeia and the administration happens in 4 (four) dosages with an interval of 1 h between them. Generically, the chronic and injury cases use more low potencies, acute and functional cases use more high potencies. This protocol of global antipsoric action is repeated, in average, at each 3 months, but varied according to the case and data obtained in the anamnesis of the observations reported by patient or guardian.

The potency indication is much more related to the particularity of the individual than exclusively to the health-disease process, as it is common to believe. Some notes can indicate that situations of illness can be necessary specific potencies, but it is not the general rule to use of the BioFAO methodology. This dynamic is very well explained and taught in the training course and with the clinical practice to use this complex of dynamized medicines. Contrary to the criteria defined for humans, the plants use the centesimal scale and fixed potencies, with results presented in a material with reports of several experiments performed in Brazil [39, 45].

The use of the BioFAO methodology with animals came from the development with humans. The translation of the evolution languages and the severity of the pathologies should be considered according to each animal, which also can vary between the species. Therefore, the veterinarian should do the indication considering the reality in the moment of the patient and the impact and depth that the health-disease processes are in course. However, the use of dynamized medicines with animals that were initially developed for humans happened historically with some other styles lato sensu in the Homeopathy. There is a simplified proposal that uses the centesimal scale for animals, but with specific restrictions to some species and age group [46, 47, 48].

The interaction of the medicine field with the biofield is a subject of high curiosity because, qualitatively, there is a possible change of state of the biofield after the exposure to medicine (Figure 2). It is known that there is the transfer of photons in the interaction between fields, according to the virtual photon as a mediator of the interaction described by Penrose. This phenomenon is well described in the quantum physics; it is expected to understand the complexity of interaction of the biofield with field composed by 100 dosages of 7 homeopathic medicines from dynamized minerals [39, 49].

Figure 2.

Proposal of representation of the interaction of the BioFAO field with the biofield through the mediator virtual photon described by Penrose [49]. The biofield of the living organism in the status A change in the status A’ after the administration of the BioFAO.

4.2 Obstacles to the healing

There are observed interference elements by physical and chemical agents in the treatment with BioFAO. The most common physical agents that change the effect of the medicine, before to be used in the treatment, are: heat sources, X-rays, and exposure to electromagnetic waves. The most common chemical agents in the interference in the living organisms, after receiving the treatment, are mainly when exposed to: camphor, menthol, and eucalyptol.

About the physical agents, their interaction motivates to believe in the possibility that information of the medicine is coded in a field due to the heat sensitivity or the strong electromagnetic field agents sensitivity. Particularly, they are noted when a concern to the BioFAO complex that has only dynamized active principles. The examples of remarkable situations in which the BioFAO seeming to have received destructive interference in their effects, happened by demonstrations of controlled researches with DL50 in poisoning of animal models, and by empirical observations of the cartography in health care of the clinical treatments with humans. Authors estimate that the homeopathic medicines present weak fields, so, they would be sensitive to heat and to some radiation sources. These findings present interference agents in the homeopathic medicines from well-known elements in the Physics area [50, 51]. Let us see practical examples:

The typical example of exposure to heat is to keep the medicine in the car parked in the sun. The internal temperature of the vehicle easily can double regarding to ambient temperature, external to the vehicle, which works like a greenhouse. In a city of tropical weather, like Rio de Janeiro, the ambient temperature easily reaches 30°C (86°F) during the summer. Therefore, the internal temperature of a vehicle parked in the sun easily reaches 50°C (122°F). The exposure of dynamized medicines to temperature equal or higher to 50°C (122°F) has capacity to inactivate and, therefore, avoid the correct functioning of the homeopathic medicine. This type of interference can be simulated by a laboratory heat incubator. The inactivation of dynamized medicines by heat is described in the literature, used as a way of disinformation of impregnated containers and noted in experimental protocols. The solution to preserve the medicine in risk of heat inactivation in a vehicle is to remove from car while is parked, so, a simple option is carry it with you [52, 53].

Expose to electromagnetic fields of some electronic equipment, like cell phone during the battery charge cycle or personal computers for 15 min, at a distance of up to 1 m (3.3 feet) inactivates the correct functioning of a BioFAO medicine. The safety distance noted as minimum recommended for the main usual household equipment is 2 m (6.6 ft). Other electronic equipment with potentially harmful electromagnetic field can be present in a situation of temporary storage during the service of home delivery. The entrance of a building with security technology usually has computers and electronics of access monitoring by remote surveillance cameras, and personal cell phones of the staff in battery charge during the working hours. The place of temporary storage of orders and mails usually is less than 2 m (6.6 ft) of this equipment and interfere deleteriously in the effects of the dynamized medicines BioFAO. However, if the medicine is in a fully sealed aluminum packaging, the protection prevents that exposure causes effects that harm the functioning of the BioFAO medicine [50].

Another example would be exposing of the medicine to X-rays, like what happens in airports and in the postal service, in the equipment used in the inspection of baggage or cargo. There is controversial literature about the exposure influence to the X-rays as an interference source in ultradiluted medicines. To the BioFAO complex, there were harmful interferences in the expected effects of the treatment protocols. The findings of these deleterious effects justified special care for transport in travels with BioFAO medicine. One way to avoid this deleterious exposure is to carry the medicine in the hand luggage with a document translated containing a statement that the passenger is in medical treatment and carries a homeopathic medicine that should be inspected without the use of X-rays in the usual hand luggage check. Another option, with a functional effect that avoids such interference, is to transport the medicine inside a lead bag (made with a malleable material with lead in its structure), the same used for protection of photo negative films [51].

The living organism, under influence of the medicine, also is susceptible to suffer interference, but, in this case, the agents are a little different of those that affect the medicine. Observing the personal reports repeated throughout the years can occur unbalance of the organism with reappearance of symptoms, as it is seemingly before to start the treatment, which are different of reappearance of old symptoms, as described by Healing Laws. Besides, the change in the experiences of synchronicity reported is remarkable. The exposure of a person treated with BioFAO to computed tomography interrupts the BioFAO effect, but, seemingly, the exposure of a person to magnetic resonance, ultrasonography, cell phone charging, or use of electronic equipment does not have this interference capacity. What happens in the person is the mechanism of action of the tomography while the physical agent of interference in the organism on the effect of BioFAO methodology remains unknown and opens an innovative research field. The solution would be to repeat the protocol after and exam of computed tomography. The physical agents have minor importance in the interference of the treatment, but, it is not possible to say it of the chemical factors, as we can note.

Specific substances have to be monitored by own person to avoid exposure during his treatment or of an animal, while it is desired to maintain the effects of the BioFAO methodology. These data were obtained from objective reports of patients and guardians that noted the effects interrupted suddenly. During the anamnesis of the appointment, after a “break” of the effect, appears in the history of exposure nasal path, possibly olfactory, or oral, to the chemical substances camphor, eucalyptol, and/or menthol. Besides these substances identified, the exposure to the mothball scent, some routine vaccines, surgical procedures, and the oral treatment with corticosteroids in the dosage recommended of the hormone, like anti-inflammatories should be monitored with attention [54].

These data open a perspective that a change in the hormonal axis of the stress can be strong enough to interfere in the biofield of the organism with the BioFAO. It is known that this hormonal chain is interconnected to several processes of physiological self-regulation and immunity, but it is not precisely known how these interferences change the effect of the BioFAO methodology in the biofield.

The traditional Hahnemannian literature corroborates some of these facts identified, such as the effect that camphor is able to neutralize the functioning of homeopathic medicines. In parallel, a stressful event for a person can trigger the identification by patient and report spontaneously to the doctor the need of new medicine. So, when exposed to one of these agents, the experienced patient learns to note and identify when is necessary new administration, and reports it to the doctor. Currently, these substances are found in many industrialized products, especially foods with flavor, personal hygiene, and cleaning products. Many times they are found in the labels inaccurately or generically as flavor, which conceals the real concentration of the taste and the substance present and the careful patient only discovery when exposed (interrupting his treatment). This situation can be bypassed requesting to a person that does not use BioFAO to identify the product characteristics, like, for example, a person or a seller. However, not all people know to identify correctly the smell and the taste of camphor, eucalyptus, and mint [10, 39, 40, 54].

The most known reference products that have these components in high concentration are bruise sprays usually used after sport injuries without a prescription, plasters, unguent, a traditional bronchodilator in ointment, mint candies, candies that chill the mouth, cleaning products with odor of eucalyptus, essence of eucalyptus in sauna, solutions for mouthwash, and in variable concentrations of toothpaste, dental floss. It is apparently challenging to request to avoid the exposure to these agents, but it is perfectly possible to live without them. At the same time, it is curious as arise the reports of peculiar and unexpected exposures, usually in the first uses of the treatment, like, for example, exposure to camphor in the bathroom trash can or use of eucalyptus essence in the toilet to conceal the bad fecal odor. Most of the products that provide exposures to these substances have substitutive or different solutions from original proposal, without the use of none of the agents mentioned. Eventually, urinals in male bathrooms use naphthalene (bookworm repellent in clothes and book cabinets) to conceal bad smell of urine. Researchers suggest in several papers to abolish the use of these substances, although without knowing its context in the interaction with BioFAO [10, 39].


5. General discussion

Several elements of discussion were presented throughout the results. The trajectory of Mona Lisa and the Homeopathy presents remarkable historical and common aspects, among them. The description of the La Gioconda effect is peculiar regarding to the way with which the facts were presented in the Homeopathy. Both are example of a very strong interest over people due to be very attractive in the contemporaneity. Eventually, there are different opinions about them, which is healthy to the development of any area. Movements and statements are noted in favor and contrary Homeopathy, sometimes by fragments of the general society, others specifically by fragments of academic groups of other areas, but that not necessarily covers the total opinion of society, population, or specialized researchers [1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15].

The evolution of the scientific knowledge happens step by step, in sometimes the observation of the natural phenomenon is more advanced, in other times there is the emergence of coherent theories to explain the phenomenology, so, theory and practice coevolve. In the case of Homeopathy, the set of natural phenomenon observable by use of dynamized medicines is more advanced that the full theoretical consolidation. The explanation by theories that serve for parts of what happens in the Homeopathy, although is known how to use the therapeutic tool in clinical way, eventually arouses in the people hearty movements by small groups that eventually are very announced by local media. By the other side, a part of the population of rural producers in Brazil identified advantages, defend, and use homeopathic medicines to the farm animals, for all benefits that consider be provided in the management of findings [7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 43, 44, 46, 47].

Notoriously, as a general discussion, the interested people to keep under effect of the BioFAO treatment contact the manufacturers of products to confirm the presence of interference agents through the consumer service. Therefore, they track their products more used in the day by day and discover compatible substitutes. From this point of view, we are faced with seemingly unnecessary substances that people and animals are exposed, sometimes more than three times a day; however, without knowing exactly what is your real need and the adverse effects in the organisms, in the short and/or long term. These substances should be mandatorily informed when present in all labels of the industrialized products, for the user can choose and decide to which exposes. Once again, the La Gioconda effect currently moves a legacy around 15,000 patients and guardians imbued in the desire to maintain actively with the functional BioFAO treatment and their self-regulation, being 10,000 patients in Rio de Janeiro and 5,000 outside Rio de janeiro [43, 54].

We can identify the personal bound that was put in the several subjects described throughout the chapter, such as the Renaissance for Leonardo da Vinci, the classic Homeopathy for Samuel Hahnemann, the anthroposophy for Rudolf Steiner, and BioFAO for Miria de Amorim. It is expected that the legacy of the Homeopathy offered to the plants, animals, and people can maintain in continuous update to serve to its interested public, coherent with the claims, and challenges of the society throughout the time [1, 9, 10, 11, 12, 31, 34, 35, 39, 40, 45, 46].


6. Conclusions

People show personal and professional attraction by Homeopathy, even as by effects of dynamized or ultradiluted medicines.

There are qualitative similarities between the description of the history of Mona Lisa and the history of the Homeopathy.

The attraction of the people by Homeopathy is described as La Gioconda effect that maintains alive the development of the Healing Art.

The use of the word Homeopathy requests flexibility due to do the continuous growth of this area. The contemporaneity brought the demand of lato sensu sense of the word Homeopathy to aggregate the derived knowledge that uses dynamized medicines from Homeopathy in the stricto sensu, in other words, the Hahnemannian Classical Homeopathy.

The methodology self-organizing factors of the biofield (BioFAO) uses dynamized medicines, inspires in traditional knowledge, and provides compatible phenomena with the purposes of the Homeopathy.

BioFAO with animals evolves from learning with the development of the methodology from experiences with humans.



Natasha Zadorosny Lopes Bastos who translated from Portuguese to English. Instituto BioFAO for general support.


Conflict of interest

The author has no conflict of interest to declare.



The images used are digitalization of works of art with more than 100 years; the Adobe Photoshop free trial (c) software used for the edition of images was licensed during the period of its free validity.


BioFAOSelf-Organizing Factors of Biofield
CT ou CAT scansComputed tomography scan
SWLshock wave lithotripsy
ccentesimal hahnemannian dynamization (potentisation) scale
ddecimal hahnemannian dynamization (potentisation) scale
Wikipediafree online encyclopedia


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