Dr. Luigi Cocco

Dr Luigi Cocco is a professional engineer with more than ten years of experience in automotive industry. He worked in Electrical and Electronic R&D and Supply Quality departments of racing/luxury Italian vehicles manufacturers as Ferrari F1 team, Maserati S.p.A. and Automobili Lamborghini. Currently he is Electrical/Electronic Project Responsible of new Alfa Romeo premium SUV. After his Master’s degree in Telecommunication Engineering, he received his Ph.D in Information Engineering; he has published several papers and conference contributions about electronic measurements and digital signal processing. “Modern Metrology Concerns” and “"New Trends and Developments in Metrology" are books edited by Luigi Cocco for Intech respectively in 2012 and 2016.

Edited Books

  • New Trends and Developments in Metrology

    Investigating the incessant technology growth and the even higher complexity of engineering systems, one of the crucial requirements to confidently steer both scientific and industrial challenges is to identify an appropriate measurement approach. A general process can be considered effective and under control if the following elements are consciously and cyclically managed: numeric target, adequate tools, output analysis, and corrective actions. The role of metrology is to rigorously harmonize this virtuous circle, providing guidance in terms of instruments, standards, and techniques to improve the robustness and the accuracy of the results. This book is designed to offer an interdisciplinary experience into the science of measurement, not only covering high-level measurement strategies but also supplying analytical details and experimental setups.

  • Modern Metrology Concerns

    "What are the recent developments in the field of Metrology?" International leading experts answer this question providing both state of the art presentation and a road map to the future of measurement science. The book is organized in six sections according to the areas of expertise, namely: Introduction; Length, Distance and Surface; Voltage, Current and Frequency; Optics; Time and Relativity; Biology and Medicine. Theoretical basis and applications are explained in accurate and comprehensive manner, providing a valuable reference to researchers and professionals.