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  • Tissue Engineering
    Tissue Engineering
    Editor Daniel Eberli
    ISBN 978-953-307-079-7,
    534 pages, March, 2010
    The Tissue Engineering approach has major advantages over traditional organ transplantation and circumvents the problem of organ shortage. Tissues that closely match the patient’s needs can be reconstructed from readily available biopsies and subs ...
  • Swarm Robotics from Biology to Robotics
    Swarm Robotics from Biology to Robotics
    Editor Ester Martinez Martin
    ISBN 978-953-307-075-9,
    110 pages, March, 2010
    In nature, it is possible to observe a cooperative behaviour in all animals, since, according to Charles Darwin’s theory, every being, from ants to human beings, form groups in which most individuals work for the common good. However, although ...
  • Ambient Intelligence
    Ambient Intelligence
    Editor Felix Jesus Villanueva Molina
    ISBN 978-953-307-078-0,
    144 pages, March, 2010
    It can no longer be ignored that Ambient Intelligence concepts are moving away from research labs demonstrators into our daily lives in a slow but continuous manner. However, we are still far from concluding that our living spaces are intelligent an ...
  • Advanced Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies Semiconductor Devices Circuits and Systems
    Advanced Microwave and Millimeter Wave Technologies Semiconductor Devices Circuits and Systems
    Editor Moumita Mukherjee
    ISBN 978-953-307-031-5,
    652 pages, March, 2010
    This book is planned to publish with an objective to provide a state-of-the-art reference book in the areas of advanced microwave, MM-Wave and THz devices, antennas and systemtechnologies for microwave communication engineers, Scientists and post- ...
  • Carbon Nanotubes
    Carbon Nanotubes
    Editor Jose Mauricio Marulanda
    ISBN 978-953-307-054-4,
    782 pages, March, 2010
    This book has been outlined as follows: A review on the literature and increasing research interests in the field of carbon nanotubes. Fabrication techniques followed by an analysis on the physical properties of carbon nanotubes. The device physics ...
  • Biomimetics Learning from Nature
    Biomimetics Learning from Nature
    Editor Amitava Mukherjee
    ISBN 978-953-307-025-4,
    542 pages, March, 2010
    Nature’s evolution has led to the introduction of highly efficient biological mechanisms. Imitating these mechanisms offers an enormous potential for the improvement of our day to day life. Ideally, by bio-inspiration we can get a better view of ...
  • Climbing and Walking Robots
    Climbing and Walking Robots
    Editor Behnam Miripour
    ISBN 978-953-307-030-8,
    516 pages, March, 2010
    Nowadays robotics is one of the most dynamic fields of scientific researches. The shift of robotics researches from manufacturing to services applications is clear. During the last decades interest in studying climbing and walking robots has been ...
  • Cutting Edge Nanotechnology
    Cutting Edge Nanotechnology
    Editor Dragica Vasileska
    ISBN 978-953-7619-93-0,
    444 pages, March, 2010
    The main purpose of this book is to describe important issues in various types of devices ranging from conventional transistors (opening chapters of the book) to molecular electronic devices whose fabrication and operation is discussed in the last f ...