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  • Bayesian Network
    Bayesian Network
    Editor Ahmed Rebai
    ISBN 978-953-307-124-4,
    442 pages, August, 2010
    Bayesian networks are a very general and powerful tool that can be used for a large number of problems involving uncertainty: reasoning, learning, planning and perception. They provide a language that supports efficient algorithms for the automatic c ...
  • Air Quality
    Air Quality
    Editor Ashok Kumar
    ISBN 978-953-307-131-2,
    390 pages, August, 2010
    Air pollution is about five decades or so old field and continues to be a global concern. Therefore, the governments around the world are involved in managing air quality in their countries for the welfare of their citizens. The management of air pol ...
  • Urban Transport and Hybrid Vehicles
    Urban Transport and Hybrid Vehicles
    Editor Seref Soylu
    ISBN 978-953-307-100-8,
    200 pages, August, 2010
    This book is the result of valuable contributions from many researchers who work on both technical and nontechnical sides of the field to be remedy for typical road transport problems. Many research results are merged together to make this book a gui ...
  • Stochastic Control
    Stochastic Control
    Editor Chris Myers
    ISBN 978-953-307-121-3,
    660 pages, August, 2010
    Uncertainty presents significant challenges in the reasoning about and controlling of complex dynamical systems. To address this challenge, numerous researchers are developing improved methods for stochastic analysis. This book presents a diverse col ...
  • Fuel Injection
    Fuel Injection
    Editor Daniela Siano
    ISBN 978-953-307-116-9,
    262 pages, August, 2010
    Fuel Injection is a key process characterizing the combustion development within Internal Combustion Engines (ICEs) and in many other industrial applications. State of the art in the research and development of modern fuel injection systems are pr ...
  • Nuclear Power
    Nuclear Power
    Editor Pavel Tsvetkov
    ISBN 978-953-307-110-7,
    396 pages, August, 2010
    The world of the twenty first century is an energy consuming society. Due to increasing population and living standards, each year the world requires more energy and new efficient systems for delivering it. Furthermore, the new systems must be inhere ...
  • Neuroimaging
    Editor Cristina Marta Del-Ben
    ISBN 978-953-307-127-5,
    144 pages, August, 2010
    Neuroimaging has become a crucial technique for Neurosciences. Different structural, functional and neurochemical methods, developed in recent decades, have allowed a systematic investigation on the role of neural substrates involved in functions per ...
  • Laser Welding
    Laser Welding
    Editor Xiaodong Na, Stone
    ISBN 978-953-307-129-9,
    240 pages, August, 2010
    This book is entitled to laser welding processes. The objective is to introduce relatively established methodologies and techniques which have been studied, developed and applied either in industries or researches. State-of-the art developments aimed ...