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  • Advanced Strategies for Robot Manipulators
    Advanced Strategies for Robot Manipulators
    Editor S. Ehsan Shafiei
    ISBN 978-953-307-099-5,
    428 pages, August, 2010
    Amongst the robotic systems, robot manipulators have proven themselves to be of increasing importance and are widely adopted to substitute for human in repetitive and/or hazardous tasks. Modern manipulators are designed complicatedly and need to do m ...
  • Robot Learning
    Robot Learning
    Editor Suraiya Jabin
    ISBN 978-953-307-104-6,
    150 pages, August, 2010
    Robot Learning is intended for one term advanced Machine Learning courses taken by students from different computer science research disciplines. This text has all the features of a renowned best selling text. It gives a focused introduction to the p ...
  • Wind Power
    Wind Power
    Editor S M Muyeen
    ISBN 978-953-7619-81-7,
    578 pages, June, 2010
    This book is the result of inspirations and contributions from many researchers of different fields. A wide verity of research results are merged together to make this book useful for students and researchers who will take contribution for further de ...
  • Autonomous Agents
    Autonomous Agents
    Editor Vedran Kordic
    ISBN 978-953-307-089-6,
    138 pages, June, 2010
    Multi agent systems involve a team of agents working together socially to accomplish a task. An agent can be social in many ways. One is when an agent helps others in solving complex problems. The field of multi agent systems investigates the proces ...
  • User Interfaces
    User Interfaces
    Editor Rita Matrai
    ISBN 978-953-307-084-1,
    270 pages, May, 2010
    Designing user interfaces nowadays is indispensably important. A well-designed user interface promotes users to complete their everyday tasks in a great extent, particularly users with special needs. Numerous guidelines have already been developed ...
  • Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering
    Methods and Techniques in Urban Engineering
    Editor Armando Carlos de Pina Filho and Aloisio Carlos de Pina
    ISBN 978-953-307-096-4,
    270 pages, May, 2010
    A series of urban problems such as dwelling deficit, infrastructure problems, inefficient services, environmental pollution, etc. can be observed in many countries. Urban Engineering searches solutions for these problems using a conjoined system of ...
  • Kalman Filter
    Kalman Filter
    Editor Vedran Kordic
    ISBN 978-953-307-094-0,
    400 pages, May, 2010
    The Kalman filter has been successfully employed in diverse areas of study over the last 50 years and the chapters in this book review its recent applications. The editors hope the selected works will be useful to readers, contributing to future d ...
  • Polymer Thin Films
    Polymer Thin Films
    Editor Abbass A Hashim
    ISBN 978-953-307-059-9,
    336 pages, April, 2010
    This book provides a timely overview of a current state of knowledge of the use of polymer thin film for important technological applications. Polymer thin film book covers the scientific principles and technologies that are necessary to implement ...