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  • Frontiers in Evolutionary Robotics
    Frontiers in Evolutionary Robotics
    Editor Hitoshi Iba
    ISBN 978-3-902613-19-6
    596 pages, April, 2008
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    This book presented techniques and experimental results which have been pursued for the purpose of evolutionary robotics. Evolutionary robotics is a new method for the automatic creation of autonomous robots. When executing tasks by autonomous robots ...
  • Petri Net, Theory and Applications
    Petri Net, Theory and Applications
    Editor Vedran Kordic
    ISBN 978-3-902613-12-7
    534 pages, February, 2008
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    Although many other models of concurrent and distributed systems have been de- veloped since the introduction in 1964 Petri nets are still an essential model for concurrent systems with respect to both the theory and the applications. The main attrac ...
  • Supply Chain
    Supply Chain
    Editor Vedran Kordic
    ISBN 978-3-902613-22-6
    568 pages, February, 2008
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    Traditionally supply chain management has meant factories, assembly lines, warehouses, transportation vehicles, and time sheets. Modern supply chain management is a highly complex, multidimensional problem set with virtually endless number of variabl ...
  • Humanitarian Demining
    Humanitarian Demining
    Editor Maki K. Habib
    ISBN 978-3-902613-11-0
    392 pages, February, 2008
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    United Nation Department of Human Affairs (UNDHA) assesses that there are more than 100 million mines that are scattered across the world and pose significant hazards in more than 68 countries. The international Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) esti ...
  • Medical Robotics
    Medical Robotics
    Editor Vanja Bozovic
    ISBN 978-3-902613-18-9
    536 pages, January, 2008
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    The first generation of surgical robots are already being installed in a number of operating rooms around the world. Robotics is being introduced to medicine because it allows for unprecedented control and precision of surgical instruments in minimal ...
  • Reinforcement Learning
    Reinforcement Learning
    Editor Cornelius Weber, Mark Elshaw and Norbert Michael Mayer
    ISBN 978-3-902613-14-1
    434 pages, January, 2008
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    Brains rule the world, and brain-like computation is increasingly used in computers and electronic devices. Brain-like computation is about processing and interpreting data or directly putting forward and performing actions. Learning is a very import ...
  • Environmental Technologies
    Environmental Technologies
    Editor E. Burcu Ozkaraova Gungor
    ISBN 978-3-902613-10-3
    268 pages, January, 2008
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    This book on Environmental Technology takes a look at issues such as air, soil and noise pollution problems, environmental quality assessment, monitoring, modelling and risk as- sessment, environmental health impact assessment, environmental mana ...
  • Swarm Intelligence, Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization
    Swarm Intelligence, Focus on Ant and Particle Swarm Optimization
    Editor Felix T.S. Chan and Manoj Kumar Tiwari
    ISBN 978-3-902613-09-7
    548 pages, December, 2007
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    In the era globalisation the emerging technologies are governing engineering industries to a multifaceted state. The escalating complexity has demanded researchers to find the possible ways of easing the solution of the problems. This has motivated t ...