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  • Advanced Gynecologic Endoscopy
    Advanced Gynecologic Endoscopy
    Edited by Atef Darwish
    ISBN 978-953-307-348-4,
    344 pages, August, 2011
    The main purpose of this book is to address some important issues related to gynecologic laparoscopy. Since the early breakthroughs by its pioneers, laparoscopic gynecologic surgery has gained popularity due to developments in illumination and instru ...
  • Stem Cells in Clinic and Research
    Stem Cells in Clinic and Research
    Edited by Ali Gholamrezanezhad
    ISBN 978-953-307-797-0,
    816 pages, August, 2011
    Based on our current understanding of cell biology and strong supporting evidence from previous experiences, different types of human stem cell populations are capable of undergoing differentiation or trans-differentiation into functionally and biolo ...
  • Targets in Gene Therapy
    Targets in Gene Therapy
    Edited by Yongping You
    ISBN 978-953-307-540-2,
    446 pages, August, 2011
    This book aims at providing an up-to-date report to cover key aspects of existing problems in the emerging field of targets in gene therapy. With the contributions in various disciplines of gene therapy, the book brings together major approaches: Tar ...
  • Gene Therapy Applications
    Gene Therapy Applications
    Edited by Chunsheng Kang
    ISBN 978-953-307-541-9,
    502 pages, August, 2011
    The aim of our book is to provide a detailed discussion of gene therapy application in human diseases. The book brings together major approaches: (1) Gene therapy in blood and vascular system, (2) Gene therapy in orthopedics, (3) Gene therapy in geni ...
  • Ultrasound Imaging - Medical Applications
    Ultrasound Imaging - Medical Applications
    Edited by Igor V. Minin and Oleg V. Minin
    ISBN 978-953-307-279-1,
    342 pages, August, 2011
    This book provides an overview of ultrafast ultrasound imaging, 3D high-quality ultrasonic imaging, correction of phase aberrations in medical ultrasound images, etc. Several interesting medical and clinical applications areas are also discussed in ...
  • Monitoring, Control and Effects of Air Pollution
    Monitoring, Control and Effects of Air Pollution
    Edited by Andrzej G. Chmielewski
    ISBN 978-953-307-526-6,
    264 pages, August, 2011
    The book addresses the subjects related to the selected aspects of pollutants emission, monitoring and their effects. The most of recent publications concentrated on the review of the pollutants emissions from industry, especially power sector. In t ...
  • Advanced Biomedical Engineering
    Advanced Biomedical Engineering
    Edited by Gaetano D. Gargiulo and Alistair McEwan
    ISBN 978-953-307-555-6,
    290 pages, August, 2011
    This book presents a collection of recent and extended academic works in selected topics of biomedical signal processing, bio-imaging and biomedical ethics and legislation. This wide range of topics provide a valuable update to researchers in the mul ...
  • Integrated Waste Management - Volume II
    Integrated Waste Management - Volume II
    Edited by Sunil Kumar
    ISBN 978-953-307-447-4,
    482 pages, August, 2011
    This book reports research on policy and legal issues, anaerobic digestion of solid waste under processing aspects, industrial waste, application of GIS and LCA in waste management, and a couple of research papers relating to leachate and odour manag ...