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Hansen's Disease - Symptoms, Treatment and Prevention

Wellman Ribón

Industrial University of Santander


Evolution Leprosy Epidemiology Diagnosis Clinical Bacteria Mycobacteruim Leprae Molecular Test Stigma Patiente Prevention Treatment

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Leprosy is an infectious disease also known as Hansen's disease. This disease is caused by bacillus-shaped bacteria, known as Mycobacterium leprae, which is not cultivable in synthetic media. These bacilli have the characteristic of being alcohol resistant acid and the stain most used for visualization is the test of Ziehl Neelsen.

Currently, Hansen's disease is considered an event of public health interest in elimination, although in some regions of the world the transmission of the disease continues without control and new cases are registered, indicating that the disease continues to be actively transmitted.

To achieve effective control that guarantees the elimination of leprosy as an event of public health interest in the world, it is necessary to generate new knowledge that positively impacts the clinical findings of each patient. This aspect is of great importance because it contributes to the timely diagnosis of Hansen's disease and prevents the patient from suffering the consequences of disability due to delays in a correct diagnosis. Research for the discovery and development of new treatment alternatives, knowledge of the barriers that prevent the patient from receiving timely treatment and reducing adverse effects, is a fundamental pillar in the control of this disease that has generated a high stigma social and discrimination. The knowledge of the disease and the characterization of the regions affected by Leprosy will be of great importance to implement effective measures to prevent the transmission of the disease and avoid human suffering.

In this new editorial project, you can share your knowledge, disseminate research results and know the advances that have been made for the control, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of Hansen's disease developed by the most prominent researchers and academics in the world.

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About the editor

Wellman Ribón

Industrial University of Santander

Wellman Ribón, bacteriologist and clinical laboratory professional of the Industrial University of Santander, Master\'s degree in Biochemistry from  Universidad Javeriana; with more than fifteen years of experience as public health adviser,   Colciencias (Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia y Tecnología de Colombia) senior researcher  in scientific and technological development. He has worked at the National Health Institute of Colombia as coordinator of the mycobacteria group,  manager of research projects and member of Centro Colombiano de Excelencia de Investigación en Tuberculosis (CCITB), EurolabTB Consortium and the SLAMTB. Ribón was the Microbiology School director and is currently a professor in Medicine School and works as professor and researcher at the Industrial University of Santander,.He is also the director of the Mycobacterium Research laboratory.  Mr. Ribón has published articles about tuberculosis, leprosy and mycobacteriosis diseases, and has written four book chapters. His major area of interest and research is Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.

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