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Paramagnetism - Fundamentals, New Perspectives and Applications

Rafael Zamorano Ulloa

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Dr. Rafael Zamorano Ulloa has a Ph.D. from Florida State University and is the Founder of the Biophysics and Magnetic Measurements Lab (MMBL).


Simplest Nucleus Electronic Paramagnetic Systems Spin-Lattice Relaxation Spin-Spin Relaxations Power Saturation EPR Spectrometer Paramagnetic NMR Paramagnetic Magnetometry Superparamagnetism Molecular Magnets Magnetoferroelectrics Unpaired Electrons in DNA

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About the book

Magnetic phenomena are pervasive in the universe. They are in a magnetar as they are, and they also operate in a living being. Magnetic phenomena and magnetic materials and molecules are legions. The paramagnetic kingdom includes natural paramagnets, transition metal ion compounds, rare earth complexes, minerals and oxides, impurities, defects in crystals and in glasses. Biological paramagnetism is intertwined with the workings of living organisms through myriads of transition metal proteins and enzymes, ferritin, hemoglobin, nitrogen, carbon, and oxygen-based free radicals. Many of these paramagnetic species are transient, others are stable.

Modern paramagnetism is mainly directed to those involved in research, lecturers, undergraduate and graduate students who work crosses paths with paramagnetism in one way or another. It gives the fundamentals of the theory of electron and nuclear paramagnetism, the relaxation and saturation mechanisms involved. Superparamagnetism and molecular magnets are included. It provides detailed NMR, EPR, magnetometry experimental, macroscopic and microscopic techniques.

The book intends to show the interpretations of bulk and spectroscopic measurements through many examples and applications. Examples should include but are not limited to: ferroelectrics, biological free radicals, chemical paramagnetic synthesized compounds, DNA radiation damage, ferroelectromagnets, perovskites, doped glasses, nitrogen and/or oxygen reactive free radicals, and so forth.
The book is directed to the new generations of physicists, engineers, biologists, medical specialists, material scientists, and chemists that would find examples and applications with valuable information and techniques on the science of paramagnetism.

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About the editor

Rafael Zamorano Ulloa

Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Dr. Rafael Zamorano Ulloa is a Full Professor in the Department of Physics at the National Polytechnic Institute, Mexico City. He is the Founder of the Biophysics and Magnetic Measurements Lab (MMBL). His research focuses on electron paramagnetic resonance, ferromagnetic resonance, theoretical and experimental techniques, paramagnetic relaxation processes, bioparamagnetic materials, DNA irradiation effects, free radical detection and characterization in a wide variety of chemical compounds and metal complexes and biological, nitrogen and/or oxygen stressed systems. Currently, he is also focusing on the non-linear dynamics of microwave magnetic materials, low power, excitation. He has a Ph.D. in Physics from Florida State University, USA. Dr. Zamorano Ulloa has received several awards, and recognition due to his work. He has co-authored more than 105 journal papers and 27 refereed conferences’ papers plus a book and 3 book chapters with 150+ other conference publications.

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