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Infectious Diseases and Sepsis

Vincenzo Neri

University of Foggia

Dr. Neri is the author of more than 330 scientific papers edited in national and international journals and chapters of books. He obtained the certificate of “Maitrise Universitaire en Pedagogie des Sciences de la Santè” on the Universitè Paris – Nord Bobigny. Dr. Neri is a member of scientific societies: SIC, IHPBA, AISP, EASL, NESA, SLS.


Inflammation Phases Cytokines Bacteriostatic Antibiotics Bactericidal Antibiotics Organ Hypoperfusion Hypotension Tissue Oxygenation Tissue Perfusion Contamination and Infection Surgical Site Infection Non-Specific Immunity Specific Immunity

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About the book

Sepsis is the body’s systemic response to infectious diseases, characterized by an increasing degree of organ dysfunction. Therefore sepsis is the final stage of the pathological condition of infections, with microbial etiology. Infectious diseases are caused by a very large number of infectious pathological agents.

The book will aim to consider and evaluate the main factors that move the scenario of infectious diseases and their possible evolution in the septic condition. In the body, there are complex defense mechanisms against potential bacterial pathogens. The microbial agents can have a transient coexistence in the host, without replication, causing only contamination; or they can have a stable active multiplication and therefore true infection. The infection disease can be symptomatic or asymptomatic. On the other hand, the characteristics of infectious agents are various: pathogenicity is the resistance to the host’s defensive factors as pH, temperature, etc., virulence lies in the biological features of microorganisms, invasiveness as the ability to overcome the host’s defense barriers, tumorigenesis as the production of exotoxins or endotoxins, finally, the Infectious agents charge that can cause disease and antibacterial resistance based on misuse of antibiotic therapy. The host’s defense mechanisms are represented by natural barriers, non-specific immunity, and specific immunity. The natural barriers of the body play an important role in infectious agents. Skin wholeness and some mucosal protections, as lysozyme in the salivary secretions, perform an effective action. Macrophages and histiocytes with the mechanical actions of the cough form a true filter of the respiratory system. Intestinal secretions and gastric acidity have a barrier effect and preserve the normal intestinal bacterial flora. The inflammatory response, by increased blood perfusion and vascular permeability, promotes the non-specific immune response with the cytokines, like IL-1, IL-6, TNF-a, interferon. The specific immune response with the humoral and cellular immunities completes the body’s defenses.

Sepsis is a clinical syndrome opened by the immune system and coagulation, caused by the infectious activity of bacterial or viral agents. Severe sepsis is characterized by organ dysfunction or tissue hypoperfusion due to systemic inflammatory response and requires intensive therapy. Septic shock is a severe condition identified by hemodynamic instability, hypotension, despite the adequate infusion of fluids, and the evolution and worsening of organ dysfunction.

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About the editor

Vincenzo Neri

University of Foggia

Vincenzo Neri is a former professor (retired) of General Surgery at the Department of Medical and SurgicalSciences (from 2002),Director of Division of GeneralSurgery (from 1997), Director of Residency School of General Surgery (from 2008), Director of Department of Surgical Sciences (2002–2008), and President of Course of Degree of Medicine and Surgery (1996–2002) at University of Foggia, Italy. He was previously Assistant Professor (1974–1982) and Associate Professor (1982–2001) at the School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Bari, Italy. He graduated in Medicine and Surgery(1970) and completed postgraduate training in General Surgery (1975) and Emergency Surgery (1979) at University of Bari, Italy. He received a diploma of 'Maitrise Universitaire en Pedagogie des Sciences de la Santè” from the University Paris-Nord Bobigny (1995). His main research interest is hepatobiliarypancreatic surgery, specifically the management of acute pancreatitis and treatment of pancreatic and liver tumors. He has published research papers, reviews, congress proceedings, and book chapters. He attended, in the period 1991–2016, for short periods every year, the Hepatobiliarypancreatic Surgery Service of Beaujon Hospital, Universitè de Paris, Clichy. He developed a seminar on 'Cystic Tumours of the Pancreas” for the Erasmus Program at Ghent University, Belgium, in2010–2011. He is a member of Societa’ Italiana di Chirurgia (SIC), International Hepatopancreatobiliary Association (IHPBA), European Association for the Study of Liver (EASL), New European Surgical Academy (NESA), Society of Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgeons (SLS).

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