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Volcanoes - Updates in Volcanology

Karoly Nemeth

Massey University


Maar Diatreme Volcanic Debris Avalanche Lahar Surtseyan Phreatomagmatic Super Eruption Phreatomagmatic Peperite Geological Map Resources Volcanic Geoheritage

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About the book

This new book with a working title of "Volcanology - Updates in Volcanology" is a new edition of a successful IntechOpen book series initiated in 2012. The book intends to provide a snapshot of current hot topics in volcanology that receive elevated interest in the global research arena.

This book calls contributions centered primarily (but not exclusively) in 6 topic areas currently enjoying strong research activity. The topics are:

1) new advances in understanding monogenetic volcanism,

2) the evolution of stratovolcanoes from their growth phase to their erosion,

3) understanding the link between small-volume silicic lava dome forming eruptions and extensive ignimbrite-producing mega-caldera flare-ups,

4) new development to define the role of water in volcanic eruptions,

5) new methods and techniques in volcano geology applications like geological mapping and

6) new researches on better documenting and quantifying geoheritage values of volcanic terrains and their utilization on volcanic hazard and disaster resilience applications.

The book equally expects submissions based on stand-alone research cases and review style summaries or more personal overviews of the outlined topics.

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About the editor

Karoly Nemeth

Massey University

Karoly Nemeth holds a Ph.D. in Geology, doctorate’s topic was understanding the role of phreatomagmatic of the Miocene Waipiata Volcanic Field evolution in the South Island of New Zealand. In addition, he has completed a second Ph.D. in Environmental Science to describe the volcanic geoheritage and geotourism potential of the Plio-Pleistocene monogenetic volcanic fields of the Western Pannonian Basin in Central Europe. He has completed four PostDoc types of research. Among these, he spent 3 years of research in Vanuatu to explore the mafic volcanism in the Vanuatu Volcanic Arc. After this PostDoc research, he has taken a permanent research officer position at the Massey University’s Volcanic Risk Solutions research group. Later, this position developed further to a lecturer position. Currently, he is a Professor in Geology, at Massey University’s School of Agriculture and Environment. He has also spent a full year as an Associate Professor at King Abdulaziz University’s Geohazard Research Center, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. His main research interests are monogenetic volcanism, volcano geology, natural disasters, geoheritage, and geotourism. During his activities, he has developed skills in volcano geology, geological mappings in volcanic terrains, petrology and geodiversity measurements. He has teaching duties mostly in geology and geological mapping subjects. During his nearly 20 years of research experience, he has spent significant time in geological researches in New Zealand, Central Europe, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Japan, Libya, Mexico, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and SW Pacific Islands. He has strong research links to the Colombian Geological Survey, Japan Geological Survey, Universidad Catolica del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile, Buenos Aires University, University of Patagonia, Argentina, UNAM, Mexico, Université Clermont Auvergne, Observatoire du Physique du Globe de Clermont, France, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Saudi Geological Survey, Universidad de Caldas, Colombia, Key Research Center of Quaternary Geology and Geochronology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Macquire University, Sidney, Australia, Eotvos University, Budapest Hungary, and the Nuclear Research Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Debrecen. He has published most of his research results in leading peer-reviewed international magazines and few books or book chapters. He has top scientific papers published from his research from all the continents, including Antarctica. He has also established scientific commissions within the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior (IAVCEI). He was also an elected executive committee member of the IAVCEI between 2011 and 2015.

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