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Flavonoid Metabolism - Recent Advances and Applications in Crop Breeding

Dr. Abbas is a researcher working on metabolic engineering to enhance the bioavailability of flavonoids in plants. He gained extensive research experience in PRC, firstly at Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, and secondly at Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences. He has several publications in leading journals such as the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, and BMC Genomics.


Aqeel Ahmad

University of Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Ahmad completed two postdoctoral research projects, one from Huazhong Agricultural University, China, and the other from Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences, China. He has published 59 peer-reviewed research manuscripts, 5 chapters, and 3 books. As a principal investigator, he has also won one collaborative and three independent research projects.


Isoflavonoids Pathways Gene Interaction Stability Bioavailability HPLC mGWAS mQTL Mapping Genome Editing Biofortification Flavones Genistein

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About the book

Plants are the major source of flavonoids, which benefit humans, animals, and plants. Research on plant flavonoids has developed rapidly with the realization of the importance of plant flavonoids to plants themselves. Although parts of the biosynthesis pathway, transport, regulation, and function of flavonoids in plants have been evaluated, several genetic and biochemical mechanisms remain unclear due to differences in research strategies. Reverse genetics promoted the elucidation of the flavonoid pathway in the early stages, the forward genetics strategy is better for solving the problems that reverse genetics cannot solve, and this technique has since promoted the analysis of the flavonoid pathway. Breeding flavonoid biofortified crops can be an important strategy to solve the nutrient deficiency issues of people in developing countries, however, the stability and bioavailability of flavonoid contents in biofortified crops need further attention. In the future, the application of forwarding genetics may constitute a major direction of flavonoid research to resolve the stability and bioavailability issues.

This book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of flavonoid metabolism and the role of forwarding genetics to uncover the remaining aspects of crop biofortification for the manipulation and enhancement of beneficial nutrients.

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Hafiz Muhammad Khalid Abbas

Hainan University

Dr. Abbas is a researcher working in the field of Metabolic engineering. He earned his doctoral degree (Ph.D.) from Huazhong Agricultural University, Wuhan, China, and then, joined Guangdong Academy of Agricultural Sciences as a postdoctoral Fellow. Now he is serving the Hainan University as Postdoc researcher. He extensively studied the plant defense responses and plant nutrient quality. His core skills are genomics and metabolomics. He has published 15 research articles in world-renown journals and won one research grant. A wide spectrum of publication platforms is evident from his scientific articles, including the leading journals, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Theoretical and Applied Genetics, BMC Genomics, etc. His editorial and review activities for multiple Impact Factor journals have made him a distinctive and progressive figure among his peers.

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