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Forecasting in Mathematics - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications

Abdo Abou Jaoude

Notre Dame University – Louaize


Diagnostic and Prognostic Probability Theory Statistics Advanced Probability Random Phenomena Random Processes Stochastic Phenomena Markov Chains Markov Processes Novel Probabilistic Models Stochastic Algorithms Monte Carlo Methods

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About the book

Mathematical probability is an attractive, thriving, and respectable part of mathematics. Some mathematicians and philosophers of science say the gateway to mathematics deepest mysteries. Moreover, mathematical statistics denotes an accumulation of mathematical discussions connected with the efforts to most efficiently collect and use numerical data subject to random variation. In the twentieth century and present time, the concept of probability and mathematical statistics has become one of the fundamental notions of modern science and philosophy of nature. This was accomplished after a long history of efforts done by prominent and distinguished mathematicians and philosophers.
As a matter of fact, each time we read or meditate these outstanding giants we feel the respect, the admiration, and the esteem to these magnificent men and giants of science who most of them were mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, statisticians, philosophers, etc... at the same time. They were, as we call them today: Universalists.
Additionally, each time we work on this field we find the pleasure to tackle the knowledge, the theorems, the proofs, and the applications of the theory of probability. In fact, each problem on probability is like a riddle to be solved, a conquest to be won, and we become relieved and extremely happy when we reach the end of the solution. This verily proves two important facts: firstly, the power of mathematics and its models to deal with such kind of problems and secondly the power of the human mind that is able to understand such class of problems and to tame such a wild concept that is randomness, probability, stochasticity, uncertainty, chaos, and chance.

The fields to which this book belongs to are that of Probability and Statistics theory with its applications and of Mathematics in general, hence the present work should – and it certainly does - include applications to both fields that encompass a wide set of problems taken from engineering, fundamental mathematics, computer science, physics, and science in general.

The aim of this book titled "Forecasting in Mathematics - Recent Advances, New Perspectives and Applications" is to apply mathematics to scientific forecasting whether in the fundamental theory of mathematics, or in computer science, or in science and hence to use mathematics to predict the consequences and the outcome of a scientific random or deterministic experiment or phenomenon.

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About the editor

Abdo Abou Jaoude

Notre Dame University – Louaize

Abdo Abou Jaoudé has been teaching for many years and has a passion for researching and teaching mathematics. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Notre Dame University-Louaizé (NDU), Lebanon, where he has worked since 2005. He holds a BSc and MSc in Computer Science from NDU, and three PhDs in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and in Applied Statistics and Probability, completed at Bircham International University through a distance learning program. He also holds two PhDs in Mathematics and Prognostics from the Lebanese University, Lebanon, and Aix-Marseille University, France. Abdo's broad research interests are in the field of applied mathematics, and he has published 21 international journal articles and six contributions to conference proceedings, in addition to a book on prognostics in 2013, a book chapter published with IntechOpen in 2019, and two books on applied mathematics and computer science released in 2019 with Cambridge Scholars Publishing. He is very interested in the area of diagnostics and prognostics, especially as they are applied to complex dynamic systems, which was the topic of his last doctoral dissertation. He is currently developing a novel branch of pure and applied mathematics known as 'the complex probability paradigm', which joins probability theory with complex variables and analysis. Aside from his research, Abdo's greatest pleasure is sharing his knowledge with others. He firmly believes that mathematics is a gateway to our deepest mysteries, and is devoted to contributing, however modestly, to the illustrious field of mathematics, hoping to follow in the footsteps of history's greatest mathematicians.

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